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X-Play Review - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

There's enough content in Super Smash Bros. Brawl to keep you busy for months, if not years... Super Smash Bros. Brawl has lived up to the promise that has been dangled in front of hardcore gamers for so many years and should be snapped up by just about anyone willing to hold a controller.

Review by: Matt Keil


• Fantastic roster
• Tons of content
• Smooth online play


• Sub-Space Emissary a bit underwhelming (Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii) 5/5

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sonarus  +   2484d ago
i wonder how many 5/5's these guys hand out in a yr. Thats why i hate rating games on a 5/5 scale. Best scale is out of 100
ktchong  +   2484d ago
Pathetic Sony fanboy
You weren't complaining when God of War: Chains of Olympus got 5/5. You were cheering.

Every time a Wii, DS or Xbox game (deservingly) got a 5/5, little pathetic little Sony fanboys get all angry and whine about how reviewers shouldn't give perfect scores. But whenever a PSP game get 5/5, the exact same group of fanboys are overjoyed and praise the reviewers for it.

So predictably pathetic.
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sonarus  +   2484d ago
lol no need to get hostile round peg. I am not complaining at the score i am complaining over the scale. If it was over 100 gow wouldn't have gotten up to 100 and neither would smash bros. I just feels 10's are getting handed out too easily and i am suggesting a solution. Smash bros may be worthy of a 10 i havn't played it but i have already finished chains of olympus and i can say it doesn't deserve a 100 it deserves a 94 or something. But generally i do not take x-play seriously. They recently made the mistake of giving The show a 3/5 and mlb 2k8 a 4/5. Thats a no no
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Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2484d ago
Rating Systems
To tell you the truth I prefer 1-5 over 1-10 that have .1 or .2. Reviews were meant to let people know if the game is worth buying or not. The scale shouldn't be shouldn't be so detailed that in Game Spot where you'll never see a ten or a one. This way the scale is more vague and getting to the point. Plus they use the whole scale unlike most sites that have such detailed rattings. Like Game Spot basically uses 5-9 only if you're lucky.

HTML: http://www.gamespot.com/use...
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RecSpec  +   2484d ago
Um, wouldn't a 10 point system that is separated by tenths be the same thing as a 100 scale? A 1-5 scale with halves is the same as 1-10 straight numbers.

Make whatever scale you want, people will still complain about reviews. I think that people who are on gaming sites just use scores for discussions anyways. Myself included, because, I don't need a review to tell me I am going to play a game or not.

I would like to see a site rip off Ebert and Siskel/Roeper's system, two thumbs up, one up one down, or two thumbs down. It would make things interesting.
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Brian5247  +   2484d ago
X-Play is a joke
The 3/5 they gave to MLB08 and 4/5 to MLB2K8 only confirms it. What a buncha losers.
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Danja  +   2484d ago
100% agreed MLB 08 The Show is a 5/5 in my book...

ne ways I think this game deserves it's score but X-Play is a complete joke im surprised ppl still watch that show...G4 has gone to the Xbots
GETPWNZORED  +   2484d ago
I agree. Those scores are way off. 1/5 more like it.
Jon Cage  +   2484d ago
Mario Smashes Them All
Who says that the Wii isn't for hardcore gamers?
sonarus  +   2484d ago
i do. i have tried to play the wii. i really have but its just not to my taste. smash may be one good hardcore title but that doesn't make the console hard core
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Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2484d ago
I agree because you aren't going to see a Mario game every year like this. This is more like once in a blue moon; do you expect me to only play Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros.? With that said only one of those games is more my taste Metroid Prime everything else are targeted for a younger audience.
Jon Cage  +   2483d ago
Real Hardcore
True the majority of Wii games are for the casual gamer, but you really shouldn't discount the quality titles that are out there for the Wii. To be a true hardcore gamer you shouldn't limit yourself to just one console. I will play Smash Bros with my kids and friends that come over, and still be hooked to the crack that is COD4 online play.
lildave0500  +   2484d ago
for real the only reason way they are geting money is because of halo3
mr_potato  +   2484d ago
Well i hope you drown in your fanboy piss to be honest if you think the wii only has those good titles.

I mean the Wii has Zelda, Paper mario, Mario, SSBB, No more Heros, MP3, Mario Kart, Okami, Dragon Quest Adventures.

Your a big moron if you still think the wii is only for casual gamers it's as stupid as saying the 360 is just good for RROD and the ps3 is only good at playing BR movies.
RecSpec  +   2484d ago
Haha, consoles have stereotypes, and fanboys are racists against a certain type of console.
Bolts  +   2484d ago
I can't wait.
To see topless chicks playing this game.
Torkith  +   2483d ago
I completely agree that the game is amazing, but near flawless online play? Have they even been online? Public servers are fried, sure you get a perfect game the odd time... but almost every game is completely filled with lag. Friend Code games work fine, though it's a little bit of a hastle, I just think their "Near flawless online play" is completely incorrect.

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