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Official Battlefield 4 site launches

DICE has launched the official Battlefield 4 website, which so far features only a teaser. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Credit url: bf4central.com
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BlackTar187  +   738d ago
This site sucks. Screw you and your reclouding window nonsense.
Eldyraen  +   738d ago
I like it as its a cool tease before a real reveal. Bet on the 27th water is gone completely (or if really cool each day reveals a bit more and refogs slower).
BlackTar187  +   738d ago
lol i was partly kidding. You can just log in and see the full picture. My problem is it reclouds before you can see anything(without logging in)
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Eldyraen  +   738d ago
I figured, just unique way to tease ;)

Cool but also annoying as I sat there clearing over and over for a while myself (ocd... haha, dyslexic at times and knew "cod" was wrong when I typed it on my phone first time). Spots annoy me to no end at times.

Edit: stupid typing/mental problem for a sec.
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Crazyglues  +   738d ago
@ Eldyraen

Actually if you just login in with your BF3 Battlelog profile all the water goes away and you get a free I WAS HERE dog tag to use in BF3

Can't wait for BF4, going to indeed get this on...

||.........___||............ ||
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shauzy  +   737d ago
@Crazyglues It's going to be 24 players max with 720p resolution, just 60 fps
Crazyglues  +   737d ago
@ shauzy

No it's going to be 720/60fps with 64 players on PS4...

Source - http://bit.ly/11eVXms
GiggMan  +   738d ago
Just turn the defrost on. :-)
TekoIie  +   738d ago
If you log in it gives you a better image. Also gives you a free dog tag for BF3... Which I think none of us care about...
SolidStoner  +   738d ago
these dog tags all look the same, that's why Im not interested in them... they must allow player everything to choose from clothing, emblems, national flag, ending with guns, BF4 must have better customization on all areas... and same maps and gameplay for all platforms, same player count and map size for everyone! etc...

and I want to kick some PC gamers ass on my PS4 in near future, so please let me teach a damn good lesson, and make cross platform multiplayer gaming as optional...! I would use it time to time..
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Godz Kastro  +   738d ago
Dag brother, be careful.. gonna lose some bubbles playing around like that :)
BlackTar187  +   738d ago
lol its true i will maybe hahahha it was just a joke. I need a auto /s button.
Derekvinyard13  +   738d ago
Cool way to tease this game
Eldyraen  +   738d ago
I actually like the wipe away water on the site (touchscreen with my phone). I wonder if its a screenshot mocked up, concept art, etc. Just a nice touch.

I can't wait till Friday so we get PaX+GDC back to back. Really hope BF4 is great all around.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   738d ago
BF3 had dirty goggle vision... This one might have wet goggle vision. Imagine if they fogged up every time you walked outside when it was raining on a map...

I was just trying to be stupid but that actually sounds like a pretty neat effect if it's not over done.
claterz  +   738d ago
Wow I'm glad we're getting gameplay footage next week. I was expecting just a teaser video and some extra info. I hope they also show some PS4 footage.

Website design is pretty cool btw it works great with a tablet lol.
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DigitalSmoke  +   738d ago
Prety cool, can't wait for the info.
I have a feeling this will destrone COD, as it should have some time ago.
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LOGICWINS  +   738d ago
People have been saying this since Bad Company 2. No one has to "dethrone" anyone. As long as BF sells enough to warrant sequels, what do you care?
Septic  +   738d ago
That's a fair point. I'm just hoping for a decent game but really hope they don't 'lower the complexity threshold' as quoted by Dice when releasing Battlefield 3. The Close Quarters dlc and some game design choices like the removal of the Commander mode were not great for the franchise ans strayed away from the original formula towards the more accessible Call of Duty one.

The prospect of 64 plyers on consoles however is an exciting one.
coolmast3r  +   738d ago
Cool idea on the site! =D I'm pumped!
yosimba2000  +   738d ago
here's the full picture without the rain.

soultecc  +   738d ago
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   738d ago
That spire in the background... it almost confirms the Chinese setting or it could be Seattle :3.
madara0sama  +   738d ago
Seems like there's gonna be rain in BF4. Hopefully other weather effects too like the leak said even though I don't fully trust the leak.
DeadlyFire  +   738d ago
I suspect Rain, and snow possibly.

Rain will be shown first though as it will showcase all the shiny reflections of water in the engine.

I also wouldn't trust the leak fully. Leak said nothing of WiiU, but EA is EA so its coming to WiiU just like next Call of Duty is as well. Its just how things will go.
Donnieboi  +   738d ago
Man I just played bf3 less than 30 mins ago...and I gotta say, I'm growing bored of shooters.
Swiggins  +   738d ago
Why'd you come here then? To tell us that?

Ok, well thanks...I guess.
Donnieboi  +   738d ago
Dont get me wrong, i still think bf3 is the best fps, i just hope bf4 adds a lot more. I'm just getting bored. Doesnt mean i'm hating, i'm saying that I been playing bf games for years and now its time for new ideas.
coolmast3r  +   738d ago
BF3 has the best tactical multiplayer action among all the shooters. I've just played an amazing 1500-ticket Conquest Large on one of the End Game DLC's maps. Our team won and it was a beautiful game without cheaters and with a pure tactical gameplay. I'm still not bored with BF3's multiplayer and with the fresh DLC it's got even more challenging and cool.
rezzah  +   738d ago
Is there a difference between tactical and team based MP?
Irishguy95  +   738d ago
Yes rezzah...there is.
neoandrew  +   738d ago
The mean bf 3 DLC...
Swiggins  +   738d ago
Look's like they're teasing the much rumored dynamic weather effects, which I think sound amazing.

If you have a map in the daylight, with lots of sun, well that's one thing.

Take that same map and throw in lots of fog, storm clouds and hell, even a little thunder and lightning and suddenly it becomes a beast of a different color.
KillrateOmega  +   738d ago
Looks like a teaser for those dynamic weather effect rumors that we've been hearing about. I'm so hyped for this game!

Loved the site design btw. Spent nearly 5 min. straight just trying to clear away the fog as fast as possible XD
SignifiedSix91  +   738d ago
You could have just logged in to clear it :p you also get the "I was there" dogtag.
KillrateOmega  +   738d ago
I know. I was just having fun with it :)
Detoxx  +   738d ago
sourav93  +   738d ago
Here: http://www.battlefield.com/...

I just pulled up the source code of the website and found the URL with the background image (the one behind the condensation).
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HarryB  +   738d ago
Nice find man. Notice 2 apcs and and m1 and the tower back rumored to collapse. Very internesting. ......

Destruction 4.0 gotta be spectacular. I want to see even more than what bf3 has on bf4. And believe or not. Sometimes 32 players is enough on particular maps. But maps the size of caspian border man its gotta be 64 players.
Soldierone  +   738d ago
Does the fact you can login with a PSN account, but not a Live account, mean anything? Or has it always been that way for Origin?
DeadlyFire  +   738d ago
Xbox has always been a little more restrictive. So I am going with always been that way.
Lockon  +   738d ago
I was there.
josephayal  +   738d ago
Next Gen BattleField at 4K resolution
kikoano  +   738d ago
Please stop with the consoles they are not next gen they are low gen.
SnotyTheRocket  +   738d ago
Eh, they are next gen. It's not gonna be 4K (maybe Movies)but BF4 will probably be 720p @ 60fps.
soultecc  +   738d ago
keep dreaming
SignifiedSix91  +   738d ago
Maybe 2 gens from now.
mwjw696  +   738d ago
Its already been leaked it will be 720p with 60FPS on next gen PS4 included. What idiot has a 4k TV these days anyway.

I'll tell you who, a fool with more money than common sence.
kassler  +   737d ago
That leak was fake.
DeadlyFire  +   738d ago
Noone has 4K tvs yet. Monitors maybe. Still to pricy and in 5-10 years they will be in a decent price range, with hardware that can do alot more than 4K. Todays GPUs are more than capable of 4K at 20-30 fps, but not with spectacular visuals. Decent yes. In the future on the other hand we could see 4K photo realism.

This is one example. 1TB/s bandwidth on a GPU in 2016 thanks to 3D stacking and DRAM.

Also by 2016. Most Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD products will be hybrid APUs instead of just CPU tech some GPU will be on it.

Haswell releases this/next year with 1Tflop on the CPU thanks to Intel's increased GPU tech over past couple of years.

AMD's APU in the PS4 hits 1.84 Tflops. They have stated they plan on selling a modified version of this to the market. So we could see something with heavier cores on the PC side with 1+ Tflops by 2014.

NVIDIA is building ARM CPU tech of its own to merge with its GPUs. By 2014/2015 we should see something solid from them on the CPU front.
Half-Mafia  +   738d ago
I going to guess that BF4 either has impressive rain effects or dynamic weather.
djthechamp24  +   738d ago
Real talk nigga... i was there.
jon1234  +   738d ago
i hope this game doesnt get screwed over by ea... :(
HarryB  +   738d ago
I don't anything about chinese weaponry modern or classic. Are they like russian ones ? Snd their fighter jets anything spectacular about them?
ame22  +   738d ago
Okay so in the next Battlefield there is gonna be rain, lots of rain.
chukamachine  +   738d ago
I'm hoping it's a big leap, not just graphics. Physics etc. Night and day.

Planes need bombs, needs a commander like BF2. I miss that.
Plagasx  +   738d ago
lol I drew a penis lol
Detoxx  +   738d ago
How didn't I think of that xD?
Intentions  +   738d ago
I haven't even logged in but it looks like 3 tanks.
araman  +   738d ago
Wow, funny how quickly everyone forgave EA, by the lack of any sort of boycott posts here.
tndtloveu  +   738d ago
wonder how weather would effect (if there is) the gameplay.
ame22  +   738d ago
Think UC3 sandstorm multiplayer map.
nutcrackr  +   738d ago
I think day/night cycle would add a great deal. Then again. using a sandstorm to move cover positions when a sniper has you pinned down might be nice. I just wouldn't want to see weather become some gimmicky mechanic that takes over the gameplay.
SpitFireAce85  +   738d ago
I got a question about BF3..I Tried playing today and the game just freezes on the menu when i try to select anything
besides the campange.Any help would be much appreciated
MooseWI  +   737d ago
Try to clear the cache if you're on 360, if you're on PC reinstall, and PS3 idk.
yodawins  +   738d ago
its gunna be neat to see the water effects on the scopes and screen.
Mogwai  +   738d ago
quite excited to see what the ps4 will potentially be able to offer, i so cant wait to play that sucker, finally some real power!!!
Zha1tan  +   737d ago
Oh yeah!

I'm oh so excited to be nickel and dimed into a premium EA service and I eagerly await features from BF2 and 1942/2142 being re announced as new!

I also cannot wait for the adobe after effected trailer that looks no where near as good as actual game play and the screams of praise from fanboys the world over.

I'm so getting BF4 and buying all the launch DLC and subscriping to their premium service so I can get discounts at the gun store were each gun costs as much as a family dinner oh boy!

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