The Rayman Legends Delay Still Hurts

Cheat Code Central's Jake Valentine writes: "My Wii U misses me, and I miss it back. In fact, just the other night I brought it over to a friend’s place and we enjoyed some quality Nintendo Land time. We didn’t, however, enjoy some quality Rayman Legends time. We should have, but we didn’t."

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lilbroRx2093d ago

The delay made the game dead to me. I refuse to support people who shortchange me. Doing so will just encourage it to be done more.

R_aVe_N2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

I understand your feeling on the matter, but I also understand the Publishers angle on it as well. Doing 2 marketing campaigns costs a lot of money. Just releasing on the Wii U at this point I don't think they would make the money back on the game. Just a bad all around cluster [email protected]%# if you ask me. The Developer is the on I feel sorry for the most man that really sucks for them to not be making any money on a finished product on 1 console. In the long run they will make a lot more money on the game now. Sure they will loose a few sales from upset people.

just-joe2093d ago

It won't sell as much anyway with it coming the same time a GTA V not to mention people will be saving up for next gen consoles. I feel bad that developers have to sacrifice their sleep and family to keep working on this game to port it over, when it was already done. In no way is that fair to developer or fan who were wanting to buy the game.

admiralvic2093d ago

"Doing 2 marketing campaigns costs a lot of money."

While true, that would require them to do a first campaign, which seems unlikely. Between the 4 releases of Rayman Origins, I don't recall much press around any of the games, nor do I recall seeing a TV spot or anything of the like. Looking at Rayman Legends, you can see the same thing or you can see them wasting a lot of money (depending on your view).

Rayman Legends was originally planned to be a launch title and since it got delayed, I think it's safe to assume Ubisoft didn't plan on making the multi console announcement or I suppose even talk about a PS3 / Xbox version yet. Despite being currently set for that time, the only marketing the game got was a few screenshots, E3 demo and a kiosk demo. Between the first delay and the infamous second one, we didn't have a lot of news, nor did we have a lot of information. The only thing that happened was the game was put up on the E-Shop, which makes me believe this decision didn't come about till after December. At this point they had 2 months to hype the game and in that time they said virtually nothing past the multiplatform news. Needless to say, I never got the impression that they planned on marketing it a first time and don't be surprised if they don't market it come the new release.

R_aVe_N2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Rayman has its own fanbase and people that really want it will get it. Not everybody cares about GTA V (like myself don't like GTA games)

@admiralvic i seen more than a few adverts for Rayman Origans in its time. They were mostly on kids station like Nicktoons/Disney/Cartoonnetwor k

that was just for the UK

Nevers0ft2093d ago

The thing is, they could've put it out on the eShop with little to no marketing to appease those of us who were aware and already planning to buy the game - then put out a disk based version along with the others at the end of the year and market it how you want. Everybody wins??

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fermcr2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

This is not the first and will not be the last time this happens. I'm sure the same thing happened to many many other games. For ex. the Xbox360 version of GTA4 was ready but Rockstar delayed the release because the PS3 version wasn't ready. Same thing happened with FF13 (PS3 version ready but X360 version not).

Ilovetheps42093d ago

They lost my sale the moment they delayed it a couple months on Wii U so that they could port it. I think it's poor business to hold back a completed game just because they are porting it to other systems. If they would have released it on the correct day, I would have bought it.

Minato-Namikaze2093d ago

Now people see why we hated FFXIII's delay. Even if it didnt have an official date. It was done well in advance of the 360 version. Sucks for Wii-U owners. But dont blame the devs, its the publishers fault,

admiralvic2093d ago

I've yet to see ANYONE call out Ubisoft Montpellier, but I've seen plenty of people blame Ubisoft for it. Sadly it doesn't really matter, since not supporting this game is the only way to make it crystal clear people don't support this practice. It's a shame, since Rayman Legends looks fantastic, but Ubisoft needs to learn from what they did...

PopRocks3592093d ago

It was a shitty move no matter what way you spin it. It screws over Wii U owners who really wanted to play the game and it also screws over the developers whose hard work has now been shelved for over half a year.

"They can make the game better."


"They can iron out bugs."

The game was weeks from release. If there are bugs, I doubt it was anything that could not have been patched out.

"Everyone can enjoy it."

At what cost exactly? The game was made with the Wii U gamepad in mind. Are the versions going to be gimped or do you require a Smartglass/Vita to get that functionality to work? Either way, this should not even have impacted the Wii U version's release.

Mr_Nuts2093d ago

I was going to get it, I was really looking forward to it but I'll be saving up money fot next gen by then. Gta5 also comes out then and thats the only game I'll probably buy then.

OMNlPOTENT2093d ago

I'll still be buying the game. Sure, the delay was completely unfair but there are a few games to hold me over until then. Despite the painful delay, the game still looks great. I see no reason to not support the dev team. They even protested the delay. I loved Rayman Origins and I'll probably be giving this a day one buy still.

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