5 Things the Xbox 720 Announcements Need

Planet Ivy: If Microsoft want to beat Sony in the next-gen, here’s how to do it.

The announcement from Microsoft on the future of Xbox is looking likely to be in April, or more specifically, April 26th if the rumours are to be believed. So, how could Microsoft outdo Sony in their announcement of the next Xbox?

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gorillabiscuits2097d ago

Feels to me like they are already playing catchup with PS4?

hennessey862097d ago

We will only no when its officially announced

appleandroid2097d ago

I doubt that-PS4 reveal was more confusing then any real substance

therealmccoy2097d ago

It built the hype-that's what it wanted to do

Minato-Namikaze2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


How so exactly?

Godmars2902097d ago

The only things I found confusing is

(1 How will BC through Gaigai work? Will the PS3 entire library be available? Will you have to buy them again or get access to them w/PS+?

(2 The Kinect-like camera. Will HAVE to be there and connected?

koehler832097d ago


That's not confusion. That's lack of information.

Valid questions that deserve candid answers.

Gildarts2097d ago

I'm pretty sure they said you'd have to buy them again in an interview.

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Jazz41082097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

This article screams bias with its horrible spelling and gramar as well as saying things like sonys always had the better exclusives and naming ms few successfull games the three commonly used by sonys fans to say ms has no game and forgetting to mention the multitude of exclusices ms brought to the table at the start of this gen as well as the major support of xbox arcade and the first indie channel with free xmb tools so anyone can make a game for the system. They also kept a very good quality online service throughout this gen. That said, Yes ms has alot of things they will need to do diffrently next gen to compete with Sony as well as sony to compete to ms. Ms has been adding to a growing list of studios they have purchased and now have several morestudios then sony making first party games for the next system. Until we see what they are up to with a full release party then these type of articles seem to be all fanboyish especially the ones that are written in the ms only has these games attitude while forgetting about the stable of first party games ms has and will have access too. Sony is looking great for next gen and I am sure ms is working on that as well but its just to early for a non biased compairson.

Gildarts2097d ago

Everyone seems to be totally forgetting(or not know at all) that in fact Xbox 360 has a lot more games in total then PS3. Its only the last couple of years that they have been recycling Halo,Fable,Gears and Forza. and a couple of third party.

Xbox 360 games: 946

Playstation 3 games: 772

Septic2097d ago

*Starts comment with mentioning horrible spelling and grammar*

*Posts wall of text with no pragraphs and riddled with horrible spelling and grammar*

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Root2097d ago

Games would be a start

Conker, Perfect Dark, a New Banjo, Kameo 2, Killer Instinct 3, Alan Wake IPs

TechnicianTed2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

A console announcement would be great as well. Don't you think Root?

EDIT:Wow, shame to see you lose so many bubbles. Keep on trucking dude.

Root2097d ago Show
from the beach2097d ago

Feel like I've read about six of these 'what the next Xbox needs' articles today..

AngelicIceDiamond2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

1.)New games Ip's.
2.)Updated service.
3.)expanded social features
4.)enhanced user ability/user friendly
5.)free MP.

Roper3162097d ago

had to agree, especially with #'s 1 & 5, as for #3 I could not careless about that stuff.

MS needs to make the basic MP available to everyone & charge for the extras services live has to offer. They also definitely need to do something for securing/creating exclusive new IP's otherwise here is what I would ask myself.

I can the nextbox that has these games & a charge to play them online or I can get a PS4 that will have all the same games with no extra charge & also all the exclusives the PS brand offers that the nextbox can't match.

As a gamer I choose the latter that offer more for less ( not talking initial price of systems because we don't know that yet ). I'll go to whoever offers me the most diverse library & less tacked on fees.

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