Boss Dungeon's Review of Atelier Ayesha

Boss Dungeon's Gregory Edwards reviews Tecmo Koei's latest Atelier game on PlayStation 3, saying that it's "(his) favourite Atelier game thus far, and one of (his) favourite JRPGs in a long time".

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rrquinta2035d ago

Bought this this weekend via digital download but haven't had a chance to play it yet. Glad it wasn't a mistake!!

izumo_lee2035d ago

If you ever played the Arland series like Rorona or Totori than this game is a lot more forgiving in the time management mechanic. You still have a set amount of time to complete objectives & the game will end when that time is up but i can tell you for sure it is more lenient than past games.

I would consider it a good beginners game if you want to get into the series & know the gameplay of the game. There are multiple endings like previous games so the replay value is pretty good. The music is fantastic & the english voice cast do a good job. Although there are times that the voice work cuts out & you are reading text instead.

The review is pretty accurate & it is another solid game in this long running franchise.