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Submitted by Seedhouse 1052d ago | news

GameStop extends Wii U sale

Nintendo Insider writes:

GameStop have extended their Wii U sale, which had previously ran over the past weekend. (GameStop, Wii U)

Mecca4   1052d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
josephayal  +   1052d ago
nice, but They need games, not a price cut
Half-Mafia  +   1052d ago
Thats the problem with both the WiiU & Vita, both are in similar situations. Nintendo cant drop the price because they would lose even more money on each unit sold. So they are waiting for more games to come out, to pick up sales. While Devs dont want to spend the money on putting games on the WiiU cause they want more unit sold, but that needs a price cut.

Very similar to the Vita, just not as bad.
profgerbik  +   1052d ago
I think the Vita is actually doing better than the Wii U at the moment. So I wouldn't say not as bad.. I mean the Vita actually outsold the 3DS in japan for once which is amazing achievement for a handheld who's sales were doing so poorly before.

The Vita has been picking up mad speed, new games are being released almost daily for it. From a range of developers and some are new announcements.

I am not worried I am sure the Wii U will sell in time with more games no doubt, like any system does as software sells hardware but the Vita and Wii U situation is literally exactly the same if you ask me. I think the Wii U's main problem will be getting more developer support because it has been pretty dismal so far and most developers are even talking down the system.

The Vita has been getting more games so no doubt that is one reason why it has been selling more on top of the price cut.
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3-4-5  +   1052d ago
I want a Wii U. The games I want it for aren't going to be out until Late 2013 or 2014-2015.
lizard81288  +   1052d ago
Me too. I'll get one when Smash Bros comes out.
Donnieboi  +   1052d ago
They had to extend it because even with the price cut nobody wanted it. Gamestop doesn't like losing money on non-used merchandise...
WeAreLegion  +   1052d ago
I'm about three hours into Lego City: Undercover. It's the first must-own for the Wii U. It could be years until the next one...
PopRocks359  +   1052d ago
Didn't expect this coming from you. Can you go into detail about it? Perhaps you could write a user review?
WeAreLegion  +   1052d ago
Coming from me? O_o Why? I love LEGO and Nintendo...

I'll write a full review when I have time, but the game is a blast! The dialogue is brilliant, the voice acting is top notch, the controls/mechanics are tighter than ever, the fighting mechanics are much more intricate than they've ever been, the driving is solid, and no two missions have felt the same, so far. The only real complaint I have about it is the loading times. They are HORRIBLE. It is more than worth it, however. ^_^ Great game.
hduce  +   1052d ago
The game is pretty cool. I thought it would be just o.k. But I am having a lot of fun with this game. I recommend that anyone with a Wii U try this game out.I got Best Buy to price match Target and got the buy 2 Wii U games get 1 free promotion.
Lucreto  +   1052d ago
I am tempted to get it. There are a few Wii games I want to play and when the Wii U games finally arrive I will be ready.

But I expect a bundle with Wind Waker HD so I will wait.
GreenRanger  +   1052d ago
LOL, The first comment is always hidden because of trolling in these Wii U articles.
hduce  +   1052d ago
And when it comes to Nintendo articles.... There will be trolls!!!
SilentNegotiator  +   1052d ago
Right, because the first comment being reported is sooooo unique to Wii U articles.

Toolster  +   1052d ago
I'm toying with getting a U but just don't know if its worth it, I think I would end up trading it towards my PS4
WeAreLegion  +   1052d ago
Honestly, I would wait. I have a Wii U, but there is just so little to play on it. When more solid titles come out, go for it. :D

It's not just full releases, either. There are VERY few downloadable titles. The Vita had tons on launch day and they haven't let up since. People neglect the fact that most indie games are coming or have come to Vita. So, I'd wait for the PS4.
Gemmol  +   1052d ago
in my opinion, you would love it, but remember it is just my opinion, my friend who have only PS3 just got his Wii U and he love it too, yes some of us wish more games come out, but there is some of us who did not play some of the games that are on the Wii U, so it depends on you, I wish you luck on your choice
Toolster  +   1052d ago
Cheers guys, that's made my head hurt more lol :)

Bubbles for you both
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lema008  +   1052d ago
It's not right now. Save your money for when the PS4 comes out. Realistic that's the system your going to be playing the majority of your games on.

Or at least wait till after E3 to see what Nintendo does.
Toolster  +   1052d ago
Good point about E3 :)

Bubbles for you, all very helpful
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jacksheen0000  +   1052d ago
GameStop was forced to extended their Wii U sale because the longer the wii U stock stays in their store, the more money they lose.

Mind you Game Stop has to pay rent for every item that sits on their floor.

So I expect that extended sale to remain indefinitely until their entire stock of Wii U is sold off.
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o-Sunny-o  +   1052d ago
I got Wii U yeah. Looking at shelf seeing the same games since launch made me think. I could have waited but I do enjoy drawing on miiverse.
t3gamenews  +   1052d ago
gamestop should start putting that gta 5, battle field 3 & 4, are coming ot it lol. instead of just setting up a demo thing in the corner that never gets updated.

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