Dragon Age 3 Can Be A Great Game If It Stays Clear Of Dragon Age 2 Mistakes

Mobile & Apps: "Dragon Age: Origins was the best ever Western RPG I have ever played. It was so good that I finished it four times. Therefore, when EA announced Dragon Age 2 was on the horizon, my excitement levels went through the roof as I prepared myself for another thrilling adventure."

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phantomexe2043d ago

I want the ladies to were less clothes not more. WTF

juandren2043d ago

Dragon Age 2 was a huge letdown for me. I had high hopes for it after Origins. Damn, Origins was amazing

Eamon2043d ago

yeah Origins was so good. The whole world atmosphere, the main storyline, the branching secondary storylines.

The only thing that stood out in DA2 was Kirkwall feeling like a real city, and DA2's characters being varied and colourful.

DOMination-2042d ago

The ONLY bad thing about Origins was the craptacular graphics. I know it was supposed to be old school but still.. They were pretty awful. frostbite is going to rock.

I still have high hopes. Just take your dawn time if your publisher allows it please Bioware :)

Eamon2042d ago

If you played on PC and installed the official high-res texture pack and unofficial high-res texture mods, it looks a lot better albeit not spectacular.

DOMination-2042d ago

Cool, thanks for the tip. I have it on Steam but played it on 360.

Summons752043d ago

Yeah 3 simple steps for it to be a great game

1 make it like dragon age origins and nothing like 2
2 don't do anything like what you did to mass effect 3
3 no multiplayer and higher GOOD writers to write the story and have multiple playable races.

Basically don't Bioware it up Bioware. This is your chance to redeem yourselves after all the things you've done to ruin yourselves. Mass effect 2 had a lot of broken promises and bad writing but redeemed itself in gameplay but then you somehow ruined that in 3 on top of more broken promises and lies. Da2 was a rushed mess and well I don't even know what you were thinking. Then you drove away all your good developers and writers who wrote some of your best games! Common guys we know you can be the best so stop trying to fail.

Eldyraen2043d ago

Pretty much have to agree--I don't want to have to wait for Project Eternity and other Kickstarter games to play a stellar party based RPG (or so I hope).

linkenski2042d ago

I don't care so much about the Ending of ME3 anymore, but i can't forgive Bioware for changing the nature of the franchise so much. Autodialogue ruins the thing that made Mass Effect such a joy to play. I think the Dialogue Wheel is alright for DA2, but they should make it even more RPG and open-world, and choices should matter even more.

just-joe2043d ago

Make it like Origins and make Dragon Age 2 non cannon.

joab7772043d ago

I just worry how much say EA has. If they do it will end up like DA2, dead space 3, etc. Maybe bioware can convince them that skyrim and the witcher sold well so make it like them. I wish Bioware still innovated like with DA and ME1. They r still master story tellers but i hope they are allowed to make the game that they think needs to be made.

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