Play PSP games on iOS Using PPSSPP Emulator

This is actually quite interesting. You will now be able to play PSP games on iOS, all thanks to the new PPSSPP emulator. Naturally, it is only going to be compatible with jailbroken devices. This is actually the first PSP emulator ever to be released for iOS. It allows gameplay at 60 frames per second on iOS as well as Android.

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whateva2069d ago

video of me playing PSP games on the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 at 1080P

mandf2068d ago

Nothing like promoting piracy.SARCASM People like to complain about drm issues than in the same breath promote this crap. This is the type of stuff killing the industry.

koehler832068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

You do know that you can rip PSP games, right? And that there's an entire store of digital PSP games, which are identical to their physical copies, called the PlayStation Store?

This doesn't promote piracy at all.

It promotes fair use of one's legally owned software with whatever device they wish.

You don't need to use an iOS or Android device to play pirated PSP software. It's much easier to do on a PSP.

Nerdmaster2068d ago

"This doesn't promote piracy at all."? LOL. And R4 exists so people can play their ripped games from their legally bought cartridges, and people mod their consoles only to play games from different regions that, of course, they buy legally too.

Anyway, I prefer to play PSP games on my PSP or on my Vita, where I have real buttons, not a crappy touchscreen virtual joystick.

1nsaint2068d ago

@nerdmaster R4 isn't even for psp.. Its for DS..

Nerdmaster2068d ago

It's really obvious that I'm talking about piracy in general... People used the same excuse for R4, saying that it doesn't promote piracy, that people who bought the games had the right to rip them and have them in one single SD card and whatnot. Saying that it wasn't made for people to pirate games on the DS is as absurd as saying that PSP emulators don't contribute to piracy.

SirBradders2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

@maddf what a sheepish comment.

mandf2068d ago

It's not saying the psn store. It's saying an emulator. A thief is a thief. Don't try defend it. A game is liscensed to a console to be used on said console not on any device you so choose.

koehler832068d ago

So by your assertion, running bootcamp on Mac is illegal. Using Wine on Linux is illegal. Using DOSBox on any platform is illegal. Playing an MP3 on your iPod is illegal. Playing a PSOne game on PC is illegal. In fact.. Backward Compatibility is also illegal.

In some places, you're absolutely right. But you can't assert a legal argument on the internet because you don't know who you're talking to, where they're from and what laws they are subject to.

kayoss2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

I think what mandf is saying is not the way you use it that is illegal is the way people obtain said game is illegal. The majority of the people who play emulator download these games from the internet. Games that they dont physically own or legally bought hence the term "Illegal download". Mandf does have a point. We as gamers sit here and complain about DRM and yet we are the reason why DRM exist. It dont matter if whatever games you download is either new or very old, when someone download a game off the internet illegally it is a potential lost of a single sale. Either that sale exist at a retailer or off of PSN, Live, or nintendo store.

Playing MP3 on your ipod is not illegal. The way you obtain that MP3 can be illegal if you do not own the physical copy of the cd that mp3 came from or you did not purchase legally.

I'm not here to defend emulator or the use of piracy. I have come to learn that regardless of where you stand, people will do whatever they like. What I dont like is that this can lead to more restrictions for gamers. Look at Linux for the PS3, the danger of piracy was one reason why Sony removed linux. Regardless of what you may think, Piracy was one of the major reason why developers stop supporting the PSP.

kwyjibo2068d ago

Mandf - "A game is liscensed to a console to be used on said console not on any device you so choose."

Which is exactly why Mandf is most looking forward to the next Xbox, with its always on DRM.

It's not about buying games. It's about buying access to a service, right?

1nsaint2068d ago

Shouldn't you be in church or something?

I guess everyone who downloads a song from the internet is a thief in your eyes too?
Have fun paying money on itunes for it, i'll have my free 2000 songs+ collection thanks.

And what you said about games being licenced to a console doesnt make sense either, you can play pirated psp games on a psp, not just pc or other devices..

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rezzah2068d ago

Lame, at best you can play games with simple controls.

Anything with complex controls cannot be played properly.

tubers2068d ago

TBS RPGs and Rhythm PSP games would be nice for it :)

There's plenty of PSP games that can make do w/o ease of use of complex controls.

CommonSenseGamer2068d ago

Many tablets can be used with a SIXAXIS now so that takes care of that problem.

MontyQ2068d ago

all your base are belong to us