Watch_Dogs Pre-Order Rewards Specified

Watch_Dogs Pre-Order Rewards Specified

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Godchild10202069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

If multiplayer wasn't confirmed or mentioned, that image confirms it.

MooseWI2068d ago

Wonder what Multiplayer would be like? If it is like free-roam with all your friends that would be really fun.

GraySnake2068d ago

what about something more... intrusive? like you could play around the map like you would in single player but other players will try to monitor you through the cameras and stuff, and then once they identify you they try to bring you down?

Idk but it would be a cool extension of the streaming part of the ps4/pc and such if instead of the viewers watching you through a stream they watch you on a camera feed.

MooseWI2068d ago

I could see something like that, maybe limit that to your friends list though haha, otherwise it would constantly be happening.

Simon_Brezhnev2068d ago

Yeah i want free roam too but they wont add it. They wont even add that to AC multiplayer.

ginsunuva2068d ago

Ubi somewhat confirmed indirect multiplayer, in which other players can control malicious software to try and make a player's own singleplayer campaign harder. Aka trolling someone else.

Root2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Think it will just be free roam since it's open world. Kind of like Red Deads or GTA4

sobekflakmonkey2068d ago


I would be extremely annoyed if people kept fucking with me whilst I was trying to complete the single player campaign, I didn't mind it as much in Demon Souls, because I would F'n destroy everyone who tried to mess with me, but I feel like if they did it in this it would be annoying.

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omi25p2068d ago

Please be online free roam, Not online versus.

listenkids2068d ago

Wouldn't they include the PS4 logo? Just saying.

Jamiex662068d ago

I noticed that too actually

ZBlacktt2068d ago

As did I, but didn't say anything.

Braid2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

They're probably waiting for the Nextbox announcement as well to place next-gen logos. A previous poster said "Available on all home consoles" even before PS4 was announced.

noxeven2068d ago

Didnt they during a conference that you can hunt the main character kind of like dark souls and kill him in single player

Root2068d ago

Yeah they did

Hopefully you can turn that off, I don't want anyone invading my game

t3gamenews2068d ago

oh another wii u game where it isnt tagged in.
anyway i already preorderd watch dogs for wii cant wait.