Aliens: Colonial Marines 'Bug Hunt' DLC out now

"Aliens: Colonial Marines' long-awaited (haha) "Bug Hunt" downloadable content is now available on Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network. It's a wave-based survival mode that, given the general brevity of the game's hyped campaign, really ought to have been included as part of the launch package."

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Mythicninja2092d ago

LMAO! you can't be serious. This game was already a failure, and this is one of the modes they were touting early on to be a reason to buy the game....only for this to end up as DLC!!!! XD XD priceless

Flipgeneral2092d ago

Its like when you eat a HUGE burrito and you have to take a massive crap. Then an hour later you have to take another dump because there's just... Too-much-crap!

MizTv2092d ago

This should of been free

FarCryLover1822092d ago

Should have a negative cost. AKA, they pay you for downloading it.

LackTrue4K2092d ago

you mean, the game its self right?!?
Free to play...

FarCryLover1822092d ago

Nah, pay you to download this DLC so it takes away some of the sting of actually buying the game in the first place. heh.

FlyingFoxy2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Ever since the 360 came out gaming hasn't been the same, paying for DLC never even existed before that.

I miss the days of the late 90's where we were given free content known as a patch, the last great free DLC was early 2000 when Soldier Of Fortune 2 came out, it received a lot of content patches all the way up to Gold edition.. oh man

Microsoft even make people buy the newer Left 4 Dead 2 DLC when it's supposed to be free, because it is on PC.

Consoles screwed things up again, greed as always.

sitharrefus2092d ago

no thank you, they should be fixing the game not creating DLC....

doomtrain2092d ago

actually the very recent 2 patches have changed things quite a bit.

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