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Media Create hardware sales (3/11 - 3/17)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan. (3DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Neonridr  +   982d ago
And the world goes back to normal with Nintendo handhelds once again on top.

Numbers from Vita are still promising, but they need to back up those extra sales with extra games..
TongkatAli  +   982d ago
............yeah, its going to get more games of course.

: /
Neonridr  +   982d ago
you don't sound so convinced.. ;)
TongkatAli  +   982d ago
LOL! say that to my backlog of games that I haven't platinumed, you're funny.

"Numbers from Vita are still promising, but they need to back up those extra sales with extra games"

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3-4-5  +   981d ago
Good to see the Vita doing well.

Japan obviously loves the 3DS, but as soon as the price dropped they started going for the Vita.
SDF Repellent  +   981d ago
Good going 3DS. Glad Nintendo is still doing well in the Land of the Rising Sun.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   982d ago
Vita is good Kit.
I am glad that the numbers picked up.

I think when PS4 comes out their will definitely be more sales for Vita.
I am sure Vita and PS4 will be made very compatible.

See Wii U ,
If 3DS and Vita can come back from slow sales - U can too.
sherimae2413  +   982d ago
glad to see your not against the vita oni-chan ^_^

considering there are no releases for this week in vita im glad it still sells good enough selling it at 25k a week is nice right?

your right about the wii u its just like the vita it will recover from this state ^_^ lets wait for its games, it will come
TongkatAli  +   982d ago
The Wii U hasn't even started. People wanting it to fail have no respect for the O.G of gaming that is Nintendo.
kenshiro100  +   981d ago
I don't see the WiiU taking off.

FriedGoat  +   981d ago
Nintendo stopped being the O.G of gaming when they stopped making good games. Oh I miss the days before all the gimmicks.
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Darth Stewie  +   982d ago
Wow Wii and 360 nearly dead in Japan.
clintagious650  +   982d ago
The ps3 is the best system to describe, "The Media Dont Know Sh!t". When saying a system is a failure in its early life cycle. The wii u & ps vita will overcome all the bs talk aslong as there are games coming for it which u already know the answer to that is.
Captain Tuttle  +   981d ago
I think you're dismissing the job that Kaz did in turning the fortunes of the PS3 around. It's launch was a disaster.
clintagious650  +   981d ago
The ps3 definitely launched with ALOT of negativity towards it. Sony was arrogant saying that next gen doesnt start until they say so & launching at sucha high price didnt help either. Also add that 3rd party devs were already at full stride with the 360 & sony launching a year later & making development for 3rd party devs a learning process really hurt the ps3 from taking off.

I honestly dont know how sony bounced back with ALL those ODDS against them but really I knew deep inside that the playstation has long legs & believe it or not the ps3 will continue to sell well. I still cant believe its not under $199 already. U will definitely see the difference in sales numbers when the ps3 is $199, I will not be surprised to see a drought with high demand even at this stage of its life cycle. Price makes a hell of a difference.

Edit: By the way I didnt disagree with u either.
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Captain Tuttle  +   981d ago
Sony bounced back because of fantastic management, namely Kaz. He was able to balance on that line between affordability and profitability (although they lost buckets of money in the beginning the PS3 became profitable under his watch) until the first parties ramped up. Once the first Uncharted released the momentum really picked up. I give Kaz nearly all of the credit and it was a good choice to make him the CEO. Hopefully he can get the rest of Sony to fall in line.
Bathyj  +   981d ago
I dont know why people keep saying this. Youre just repeating what the media was a saying at the time.

PS3 outsold XB in 2007, its first year on the market, and it wasnt even out in Europe till March.

How is that a disaster?
Captain Tuttle  +   981d ago
The amount of money they were losing for one. That was a disaster that Sony has yet to recover from.
izumo_lee  +   982d ago
Decent numbers for the Vita with no new games out this week. I expect numbers will go up once One Piece comes out next week. Disappointed that Soul Sacrifice dropped significantly but i wonder what digital sales are for the game. Also i believe the game is more catered to western audiences with the themes of the game so it will probably do better outside of Japan.

Kingdom Hearts HD did pretty good, nice to see.
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knifefight  +   982d ago
Vita got a Nobunaga's Ambition game and Steins;Gate (available in 4 different versions).
izumo_lee  +   982d ago
True but both of those i don't think we would consider high profile games that could sell systems.

Now One Piece that is another story. The first game did 600K+ the first week so if the Vita version can do half of that the numbers for the Vita would be pretty good. The PS3 will get a boost as well with this games release.
Tei777  +   982d ago
Unfortunately the gameplay for SS is strictly japanese. Its essentially a Boss arena game... Those don't do well over here, a game of its kind would need to have a an overworld to be a success in the west.
sherimae2413  +   982d ago
umm you mean open-world right, like skyrim or fallout ^_^
Tei777  +   981d ago

lol, kinda but not quite. I literally meant like a connected world, similar to Dark souls or a linear Final Fantasy (X/XIII), but you're right, an open world would give it even a higher chance of success. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this game is a collection of stages with a boss at the end?

It will obviously have its niche audience over here, which will likely be exaggerated by PSVita's software drought but I wouldn't expect to do more then a few 100k.
Minato-Namikaze  +   981d ago
FFX seems like GTA comapred to FF13
medziarz  +   981d ago
Soul Sac seems to have sold out.
DiRtY  +   982d ago
As I told you!

Vita down -30k (!!!)
3DS up +8k

I got disagrees for saying the pricecut won't be as sustainable as some people here hoped.

Check my comment here:

and here:
torchic  +   982d ago
that's great! well done! wowzers those fortune tellers on the side of the road better watch out, your skills surpass theirs by a country mile!
kenshiro100  +   981d ago
Do you need a cookie or something?
DivineAssault  +   981d ago
this is only the beginning.. Theres many more games coming & vita still sold well
pedroyamato   981d ago | Spam
XabiDaChosenOne  +   981d ago
@DiRtY Not sheet Sherlock, the 3DS sold 196,000 units on the week of its price dropped and as you can see those numbers didn't sustain either moron. Your prediction is equivalent to me predicting that tomorrow is Thursday.
ps3_pwns  +   982d ago
wii u is so horrible lol nintendo only gonna be making handhelds pretty soon if this keeps up lol. Dont want to hear anyone dissing vita when its selling 3 times what wii u is so just shut it please. when ps4 comes out the wii u will be dead for sure lol. why you need a wii u when 3ds and wii u have the same games lol i remeber when people said this about psp and ps3 but not when nintendo does it. nsmb, monster hunter, paper mario, mariokart, donkey kong etc ssame games as the handheld and console exact same dang games.
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GABRIEL1030  +   982d ago
Great numbers for Vita :)
mshope10  +   982d ago
ps3 pwns you just showed you have no idea what your talking about.

first as a vita fan you see after good games and price came it's doing much Better after a year of doing bad.

so you should see wii u will be fine.

and Nintendo and Sony fans go through alot of the same things so hating on each other has no point.

and the only game right that is the same between wii u and 3ds is monster hunter 3 ultimate.and the new smash bros might be.

all the games you mentioned are completely different on 3ds and wii u.

so you must just be hating without ever playing those games if you that's what you thought.

and its funny you would hate on Nintendo for doing that when PSP and ps2 games are the same most of the time.and now the same thing happens with vita and ps3.not that it's a bad thing but it's crazy you would bring it up for one game monster hunter 3 ultimate.

so if you are going to hate on something get your facts straight first.
torchic  +   982d ago
Vita could do 60,000 a week if they drop the price everywhere. all territories could share out that 60,000
testerg35  +   981d ago
But didn't sales drop significantly a week after the price drop?
torchic  +   981d ago
yeah that's part of my point.

Vita was doing 80,000 a week past two weeks, 60,000 came from Japan, and so it was never going to maintain those numbers. it could sell like that again on a consistent basis if the price was cut all over the world so all territories contribute to the 60,000 - 80,000 units per week total

I'd imagine that realistically, those are the kind of numbers Vita could sell at.
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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   982d ago
3DS vs Vita is at 2:1 this week. Is there going to be an article on how the 3DS beat the Vita in sales this week like was last week when the opposite occured?
Neonridr  +   982d ago
lol, why would they do that? Then they'd have to put out the same article week in and week out on how the 3DS outsells the Vita on any given week, minus the week after a price cut.

I guess it was newsworthy because of how dominant the 3DS has been in the past.

But the numbers will settle themselves out again with the 3DS on top. But it is nice to see the Vita finally start to move some units.
AWBrawler  +   981d ago
I love to see your comments always so witty or humorous.
GribbleGrunger  +   982d ago
If the Wiiu outsells the 360 or the Ps3 I'm sure there will be an article about it. Calm down and stop thinking the worlds against you just because someone else got good news for once. Have some dignity.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   981d ago
World's against me? Lol no that trait is reserved for a certain brand's fans and I know you know which brand that is.
GribbleGrunger  +   981d ago
Are you being serious? I sometimes find it difficult to work out on here. For months and months (and months) the 3DS has outsold the Vita, and every SINGLE time Nintendo fans have pointed it out. The Vita outsells the 3DS for ONE (ONE!) week and you clearly got upset about it.

By all means complain about the constant barrage of negative Wiiu threads, because that would be a legitimate complaint. And I would agree on that point.
maniacmayhem  +   981d ago
C'mon Gribble we all know what he's talking about.

Not too long ago you were the main culprit spouting off how all the media was against Sony and that everything and anything negative was bias against Sony and it's products.

I even remember you had one conspiracy about IGN being bias against Sony because they launched an app for the 360.
GribbleGrunger  +   981d ago
Well, yes, and that still stands as far as 'I'm concerned' (I nearly always establish that because I want people to understand that it's my opinion and not a blanket claim). But that's a completely different debate, which is why I said in that second response that I would have agreed with him if he'd complained about Nintendo bias in the media (which there clearly is).

This is a complaint about 1 week in 52. My complaint was about 24/7, every day, every week for 5 straight years. Surely you can see the difference? An argument based on HIS premise would be untenable, but an argument based on mine would at least have to make you consider the possibility, even if it's eventually proven wrong (and I can assure you that I'm open to that)
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Muerte2494  +   981d ago
3DS dominating...
is a given and hardly news worthy. But the Vita's sales have picked up. My Wii U has just been sitting here. My son would rather play ps3 or xbox360 than the Wii U. Nintendo bring on the games!!!!!
Hicken  +   981d ago
... you DO realize that the 3DS would have to be selling more than 72,000 this week to be outselling the Vita two to one, right?
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   981d ago
It sold 69,000 so I rounded off. Would you have preferred 1.91666666667:1?
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kenshiro100  +   981d ago
Nice Vita sales. Not sure about the WiiU though.
MasterCornholio  +   981d ago
Not sure?

Why is it so difficult for you to admit that the Wii U is selling poorly.

Look i dont care if people keep claiming that it will improve in the future because as it currently stands they are doing poorly. But like i always said they can turn this around with a massive price drop and a few good games. Heck it worked for the 3DS so i dont see why it cant work for the Wii U.

I wonder what kind of ambassador program those 3 million Nintendo fans will get? Hopefully its a bunch of gamecube and Wii games because it would be extremely cheap of Nintendo if it was a bunch of SNES and GBA titles.
kenshiro100  +   981d ago
...That's why I said I don't know about the WiiU. Of course it's not selling well.
Shnazzyone  +   981d ago
Wii U need games badly.

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