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Neonridr2036d ago

And the world goes back to normal with Nintendo handhelds once again on top.

Numbers from Vita are still promising, but they need to back up those extra sales with extra games..

TongkatAli2036d ago

............yeah, its going to get more games of course.

: /

Neonridr2036d ago

you don't sound so convinced.. ;)

TongkatAli2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

LOL! say that to my backlog of games that I haven't platinumed, you're funny.

"Numbers from Vita are still promising, but they need to back up those extra sales with extra games"

3-4-52035d ago

Good to see the Vita doing well.

Japan obviously loves the 3DS, but as soon as the price dropped they started going for the Vita.

SDF Repellent2035d ago

Good going 3DS. Glad Nintendo is still doing well in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2036d ago

Vita is good Kit.
I am glad that the numbers picked up.

I think when PS4 comes out their will definitely be more sales for Vita.
I am sure Vita and PS4 will be made very compatible.

See Wii U ,
If 3DS and Vita can come back from slow sales - U can too.

sherimae24132036d ago

glad to see your not against the vita oni-chan ^_^

considering there are no releases for this week in vita im glad it still sells good enough selling it at 25k a week is nice right?

your right about the wii u its just like the vita it will recover from this state ^_^ lets wait for its games, it will come

TongkatAli2036d ago

The Wii U hasn't even started. People wanting it to fail have no respect for the O.G of gaming that is Nintendo.

kenshiro1002035d ago

I don't see the WiiU taking off.


FriedGoat2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Nintendo stopped being the O.G of gaming when they stopped making good games. Oh I miss the days before all the gimmicks.

Darth Stewie2036d ago

Wow Wii and 360 nearly dead in Japan.

clintagious6502036d ago

The ps3 is the best system to describe, "The Media Dont Know Sh!t". When saying a system is a failure in its early life cycle. The wii u & ps vita will overcome all the bs talk aslong as there are games coming for it which u already know the answer to that is.

Captain Tuttle2035d ago

I think you're dismissing the job that Kaz did in turning the fortunes of the PS3 around. It's launch was a disaster.

clintagious6502035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

The ps3 definitely launched with ALOT of negativity towards it. Sony was arrogant saying that next gen doesnt start until they say so & launching at sucha high price didnt help either. Also add that 3rd party devs were already at full stride with the 360 & sony launching a year later & making development for 3rd party devs a learning process really hurt the ps3 from taking off.

I honestly dont know how sony bounced back with ALL those ODDS against them but really I knew deep inside that the playstation has long legs & believe it or not the ps3 will continue to sell well. I still cant believe its not under $199 already. U will definitely see the difference in sales numbers when the ps3 is $199, I will not be surprised to see a drought with high demand even at this stage of its life cycle. Price makes a hell of a difference.

Edit: By the way I didnt disagree with u either.

Captain Tuttle2035d ago

Sony bounced back because of fantastic management, namely Kaz. He was able to balance on that line between affordability and profitability (although they lost buckets of money in the beginning the PS3 became profitable under his watch) until the first parties ramped up. Once the first Uncharted released the momentum really picked up. I give Kaz nearly all of the credit and it was a good choice to make him the CEO. Hopefully he can get the rest of Sony to fall in line.

Bathyj2035d ago

I dont know why people keep saying this. Youre just repeating what the media was a saying at the time.

PS3 outsold XB in 2007, its first year on the market, and it wasnt even out in Europe till March.

How is that a disaster?

Captain Tuttle2035d ago

The amount of money they were losing for one. That was a disaster that Sony has yet to recover from.

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izumo_lee2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Decent numbers for the Vita with no new games out this week. I expect numbers will go up once One Piece comes out next week. Disappointed that Soul Sacrifice dropped significantly but i wonder what digital sales are for the game. Also i believe the game is more catered to western audiences with the themes of the game so it will probably do better outside of Japan.

Kingdom Hearts HD did pretty good, nice to see.

knifefight2036d ago

Vita got a Nobunaga's Ambition game and Steins;Gate (available in 4 different versions).

izumo_lee2036d ago

True but both of those i don't think we would consider high profile games that could sell systems.

Now One Piece that is another story. The first game did 600K+ the first week so if the Vita version can do half of that the numbers for the Vita would be pretty good. The PS3 will get a boost as well with this games release.

Tei7772036d ago

Unfortunately the gameplay for SS is strictly japanese. Its essentially a Boss arena game... Those don't do well over here, a game of its kind would need to have a an overworld to be a success in the west.

sherimae24132035d ago

umm you mean open-world right, like skyrim or fallout ^_^

Tei7772035d ago


lol, kinda but not quite. I literally meant like a connected world, similar to Dark souls or a linear Final Fantasy (X/XIII), but you're right, an open world would give it even a higher chance of success. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this game is a collection of stages with a boss at the end?

It will obviously have its niche audience over here, which will likely be exaggerated by PSVita's software drought but I wouldn't expect to do more then a few 100k.

Minato-Namikaze2035d ago

FFX seems like GTA comapred to FF13

medziarz2035d ago

Soul Sac seems to have sold out.

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