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Plagasx1891d ago

I never asked for this...

GABRIEL10301891d ago

Deus Ex is one of my favorites games ever...

mshope101891d ago

I know I hate when square enix forgets to ask random people what they should bring out!lol.

deadfrag1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Jesus im just imagining what the Wii U has a system could have done much better if it had just a little more power under the hood!No more graphic interfaces on screen to annoy me,real this could have been a much more better machine if Nintendo wanted to spend just a little more in R&d hardware.Im not bashing the machine has it is because i know that will bring great games in the future,but if it where at least a match to the PS4 and xbox next in hardware specs Nintendo would have gather massive amount of hardcore gamers,that game pad can make wonders in many kinds and types of games were the normal controller dont stand a chance!