Project Cars Wii U: Director Talks Graphics & Gamepad In Full Interview

NowGamer: Project Cars Wii U's creative director Andy Tudor speaks to NowGamer about the graphics, gamepad, tracks and career mode in this full-length interview.

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kingPoS2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

I hope the Wii U receive some wheel support soon.
With games like this, there going really need it.

Analog-less buttons!! [double facepalm]

mcstorm2069d ago

Im looking forward to this game and im picking the WiiU version up to.

deafdani2068d ago

"About the Wii U version specifically: how will the graphics compare to the game running on other consoles?

"We always prefer to aim for 30fps generally in order to keep gameplay-specific features like having more cars on track or better weather effects etc.. so that’s standard across all consoles, and we’re more likely to utilize the native 720p support of the Wii U for launch especially since our physics and rendering systems demand a lot of processing power in order to deliver a truly next-gen experience.

"All you need to know is that when you get the game, it’ll look and feel amazing and you’ll want to show it off to your friends."

----------------------------- ------------------------------- --

I love how the developer completely refrained from stating whether the Wii U version would look better, or worse than the other versions. Basically, he said that it will look about the same.

It's a shame we live in such a world where game developers have to thread very carefully on these subjects in order to not anger a big consumer base, which is in big part driven by absurd, pointless fanboyism (this is directed to both rabid fanboys and haters alike).

Is it really good that these waters are so infected with sharks, that a dev can't just simply state that a game will look the same across all home consoles without fear of being lynched by any given consumer base?

It's sad, really.