Alien Spidy Review -There’s A New Wall Crawler In Town | PixelPerfectGaming

If I were to ask you to name a web-slinging hero, who would you think of? Let me guess – some guy who wears a red jumpsuit, while flying around New York City, protecting the innocent and taking out bad guys — right? Normally I would tell you that your guess is correct, but not this time as there’s a NEW do-gooder out there in the form of – well, a spider.

Enter Alien Spidy, an other-worldly action/puzzle/platformer from the folks at Kalypso Media Digital and Enigma. You take the helm as Spidy, who has crash-landed on the planet Earth after having lost contact with his explorer friend Virgi. With pieces of his spacecraft now scattered all over the place, it’s now up to you to recover the missing pieces, track down Virgi, and repair your ship to escape this strange planet and head back home.

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