Call of Duty Championships: Everything you need to know

The Call of Duty Championship is just over two weeks away, and the teams participating have finally been decided. The tournament have players competing from across the world, making it one of the biggest international Call of Duty tournaments we have ever seen, and the best part of it is that South Africa is one of those teams. The 32 teams will be competing for a share of the one million dollar prize pool.

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HanCilliers2066d ago

What an incredible time for eSports, thanks for all the info, great article!

DesVader2066d ago

This is going to be one amazing competition to watch. What a prize pool to play for!!

Choc_Salties2066d ago

Sad that only one team goes forward to play, but well done to all who competed! Go Team Xtaz!

HoldenZA2066d ago

Can't wait for this tournament to start! It is going be too epic!!! Lets go South Africa, lets go team XtaZ!!!

PandaMcBearface2066d ago

Go team South Africa! What an exciting time for COD :33