Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Now Available

bitComposer Games has today released the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, available to download now for Xbox 360. This will be followed shortly by the PlayStation Network release, at an as yet unconfirmed date.

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masa20092014d ago

I played the PC version for a bit, and it seemed surprisingly good, although I hear it's not that long.
At any rate it's much more than an old Mario ripoff, so if the price is right, I think it's a pretty good choice.

ColinZeal2014d ago

Fun fact:
The original was a Mario ripoff (Nintendo took the case to court and won) so it was never really released.
But everyone got to play it anyways on the C64 or Amiga.
Wonder how... ;)

masa20092014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Yeah, that's why I was saying that this one is more than a simple Mario ripoff.
In this one, you switch between 2 different versions of the world: the visuals, music orchestrations and elements of level design change from fairytale to gothic.
The concept has been done before, but it's done here with surprising care for an indie game.
The art is pretty charming and very different from Mario.
I dont play many pure platformers but I thought this one was a nice little surprise, and the levels were never boring.