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So are Gearbox working on something for the Vita?

In September Randy Pitchford (Gearbox), Adam Boyes (SCEA) and Shuhei Yoshida (SWWS) took to Twitter and appeared to suggest something. Six months on we have heard nothing. Was it a hoax? (Borderlands 2, Dev, Gearbox Software, Industry, PS Vita, Sony)

ShugaCane  +   737d ago
I guess Colonial Marines' disater had some internal consequences, even though Borderlands would definately be a cool addition to the Vita's game library.
Sweelix  +   737d ago
hopefully it's aliens Colonial Marines
vitullo31  +   737d ago
i was going to say that! haha you have some disagrees but im going to guess that was sarcasm
stuntman_mike  +   737d ago
The vita version will probably be the demo Randy Pitchford showed with the better graphics and lighting lol.
r21  +   737d ago
Just give me BL2 on vita and all will be forgiven. That or new BL title built entirely for the vita.
SonyPS4  +   737d ago
A Borderlands game on PSVita would be a dream come true for me, being a die-hard fan of this franchise.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   737d ago
@ SonyPS4
Same here. I really got my hopes up for a BL2 port to Vita - and still have - but my biggest concern is raising the levelcap. Gearbox hinted they were having problems and it could possibly be a game-breaker.
Supposedly by the end of Q1. First sort that out then give us a Vita port.
Merrill  +   737d ago
I heard it's being outsourced.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   737d ago
Never buying a game from Gearbox ever again.
lovegames718  +   737d ago
Anything from Gearbox gets none of my money. %uck them and the ips they co develop. Not to mention Randy showed himself to be a total #ick through twitter.

So far on my black list..

1) Bethseda
2) Gearbox
3 Most dlc especially from Capcom and Activision

And this list can definitely get longer being that i have more than enough games to enjoy.

and the list can definitily get longer
SlapHappyJesus  +   737d ago
While I don't trust a word that comes from the studio anymore, I am still going to be buying their games.
At the end of the day, Brothers in Arms is still one of my favorite series, and after Borderlands 2, so is Borderlands.

I just know not to throw any money their way without knowing exactly what my cash is getting me.
phantomexe  +   737d ago
Amazing how fast people turn on developers. It's like make the game my way or i'll hate you for life. Gearbox is a great developer with a few mistakes. They never said or acted like they were purfect. Cut them some slack.
MrWonderful  +   737d ago
Stay away from my vita
dgonza40  +   737d ago
The vita needs to sell as much as possible if it wants a lot of support. So I say screw it, give me more of everything
Th4Freak  +   737d ago
I dont undersrand what you mean, no one is going to put a gun in your head to make you buy the game.
MrWonderful  +   737d ago
its sarcasm
GABRIEL1030  +   737d ago
Pls Borderlands 2 for Vita.. .)
TongkatAli  +   737d ago
Borderlands 2....boom
erikthegman  +   737d ago
borderlands 2 for vita with online and local co op ala ad hoc
isa_scout  +   737d ago
After Aliens, Gearbox won't recieve anymore of my money. What ever happened to that public apology? I loved Borderlands 2 but I wont reward liars and frauds.
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DOMination-  +   737d ago
It's funny reading about all the people posting about how they'll never buy a Gearbox game again. If you guys are posting on N4G, surely you must have been aware of how bad Colonial Marines was? It's your own fault for buying the game at launch. The game looked crap from the moment they showed any footage of it. If you're a blind fanboy of Aliens and bought it anyway, then again, it's your own fault.
profgerbik  +   737d ago
Stop making excuses for Gearbox. Randy had plenty of resources at the time to work on the game. He made it pretty clear Sony would mainly have to do all the work and that it would even have to be contracted under another developer which is a huge turn off to Sony I bet after Declassified.

I don't get why people are using Epic Mikey a game that probably cost Sony nothing to put on the Vita as an example for anything.. Then to compare it to a huge gamble Sony took with Activision that didn't go well at all is even more ridiculous and sure COD:D is actually one of the top selling Vita games but it still didn't do as well as I know Sony had hoped. Why on earth would they want to try the same crap again and possibly have a terrible version of borderlands 2 for the Vita? Just like CoD ended up?

Like I have said before it is rare another developer stays true to another franchises work from previous developers like Gearbox for instance. Regardless I wouldn't take the risk not seeing how poorly some developers are going about business.

I mean people are seriously just making excuses up for Randy at this point. You can't tell me he didn't have the resources when they wasted time and money on Aliens:CM and even though yes he did seem to have interest in the Vita it seemed like an idea he really didn't care too much about obviously. I could tell, I heard him talk about it more than once and sure it was great to here but he honestly didn't have any true enthusiasm for it other than just suggesting it.

He probably would have been better off canning Alien:CM and just had worked on a Vita version of Borderlands 2. I am not making excuses either for Sony but developers can't expect Sony to do everything. It takes effort from bother parties, not just saying something and expecting the other party to literally do everything you said while you do nothing in return and cash in on the game.
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erikthegman  +   737d ago
a little off topic, but spelunky would rock on vita with the updated graphics and multiplayer. just saying. also gran turismo on PSP was a great game, imagine what it could be with the vita's hardware. such an awesome portable.
beakeroo1  +   737d ago
Bit of a misleading title, basically they suggested that there may be a Gearbox game coming ages ago and they are reminding us of what they said ages ago, cos they still believe it.
Freddy_Millz1  +   736d ago
Oh Gearbox, i don't know whether i should tell u to eat a d*ck or go to hell.
o-Sunny-o  +   736d ago
Aliens....I'm kidding! xD

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