Games Suffer Because 'Reviewers Say They're Supposed To Be Long'

NowGamer: "A great game could be ten hours, but it rarely is," says Brothers game director Josef Fares, as he explains how games re-use assets to satisfy a criteria on how long a game should be, often set by reviewers.

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CustardTrout2070d ago

A game can have re-playability but a game that has a great story that sticks in your mind should be played once or twice, this story should be long but not drawn out.

Think of a book, you pay £10 for a book you want a long book with a good story, you might re read it later but really you expect a certain length behind it.
Much like a gigolo.

sdozzo2070d ago

People read books in day because they are good. Gamers do the same and flip out. Not many books are sixty bucks.

Conzul2069d ago

Good point but don't compare books or movies to the games market. The markets are very different - not the consumers, mind you, but just the way things have to work.

sdozzo2069d ago

Yeah, I see you working.

WipedOut892070d ago

I don't know if it's because I'm older now with less time, but I'm starting to really enjoy shorter games with laser-focused stories. But I can see why, when people drop £40-50 on new games, reviewers need to point out if a game takes just five hours to clear.

TimmyShire2070d ago

It all comes down to value. £10 for 3-4 hours is fine for me, but £40 for the same? Nothanks.jpg

nukeitall2070d ago

That is really how I deal with it, by just buying the games on sale. Very few games do I feel the need to buy release date.

Gears of War: Judgement because I love multiplayer, Mass Effect (although that dropped in price quick), and strongly considering Bioshock Infinite....

OhMyGandhi2070d ago

I'm all for games with shorter lengths...they just have to be priced accordingly.

rezzah2070d ago

Problem is we can't just expect games with certain lengths to have the same cost of development.

Journey is a 2 hour game, yet did it cost the same as other 2 hour long digital games to make?

Donnieboi2069d ago

I dunno how much it cost to make, but it was only $15 to buy. So what exactly is your point (?).

rezzah2069d ago

My point is games being sold only on length will change the way games are made. The cost to make games will lower to suit the need of the given price for length alone. There will be a butterfly affect and the industry will change in some way to fit the new needs to make good profit. It will cause business practices/patterns to change.

The change doesn't have to be something drastic, it can be small. What is new will bring both positive and negative perspectives on how games are made.

Those who pay for length, play for length. Length of a game is not based on the experience of the game. Length is easier controlled by business methods, while experiences within games are derived through means of passion. Experience can be short or long, lengthy games are only long. Yet passion cannot be forced or it will not create the best experience. So if passion is forced for the sake of constant lengthy games, the experience within games will dwindle.

TechnicianTed2070d ago

I do prefer games with a decent sized campaign, as long as it doesn't have loads of filler. A great game that only lasts 6-8 hours is ok, but it's not as good as a great game that takes 20+ hours. Which is probably why rpgs are my favourite genre.

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The story is too old to be commented.