MWEB GameZone Review: SC2 Heart of the Swarm

A StarCraft II Grandmaster takes readers through the Heart of the Swarm on MWEB GameZone.

Robert "PandaTank" Botha talks about the new additions to SC2: Races, eSports, User Interface and much more.

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schmoe1830d ago

wow, nice to have a review by a grandmaster!!

DesVader1830d ago

That is pretty cool - its an expert opinion :)

Choc_Salties1830d ago

Yup, great opening competitive performance over the weekend, well done Pandatank!

PandaMcBearface1830d ago

Not only can he game like a King of the Pandas, he can write too! Awesome review.

HanCilliers1830d ago

Yes, it is pretty awesome to have a review done by a real pro