Guy Who Microwaves Everything Says Nintendo Products Are Strongest, Wii U is “Built Like a Tank”


So, it may not be the most powerful console out there in terms of processing power, but it definitely is the most powerful console if you're looking for one that's meant to last six years straight.

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Granpire1767d ago

That was very different, and very interesting. Makes me want to start microwaving things!

MariaHelFutura1766d ago

Nintendo products in general are very well made to resist damage. Kids don't treat consoles or handhelds w/ very much love, so it's smart on their part.

Raf1k11766d ago

That does make sense. I'm sure us grown ups would also appreciate having a console that didn't damage as easily as modern smart phones.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1767d ago


Cause I always store my systems in my microwave.

>Actually, I liked the melted Wii.

Good_Guy_Jamal1767d ago

That's great to know for the next time I go console shopping. That I can nuke it.

Menashe1767d ago

I like the video of him taking a sledgehammer to his Wii U. Basically, my kids are the equivalent of that sledgehammer, so if Nintendo products weren't made tough I wouldn't be able to keep my gaming stuff for more than a few hours.

BlackWolf1766d ago

That's nice to see. It's really durable...

But, will it blend?

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The story is too old to be commented.