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Origin Hits 40 Million Members

Steam’s competitor Origin, has hit a new milestone. 40 million people have now registered for the service, compared to Steam’s 50 million registered users. (Industry, PC)

Credit url: gamepunch.tv
soultecc  +   797d ago
origin sucks I wish they would just give up on this crap and put everything back on steam
Pandamobile  +   797d ago
They're not going to just dump it if it's been successful for them.
soultecc  +   797d ago
yes but I bet if they put all the games on steam origin users would drop to zero, the only game I have on origin is battlefield 3 but if they put it on steam I would gladly delete origin and buy it again via steam.

also when I preordered moh warfighter I got a email from origin saying I would get £20 added to my origin account, which I still haven't received, did anyone else get that email I was just curious
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Pandamobile  +   797d ago
I got that email. It took them a week or two after the launch of MOH:W, but I did get $20 back in my Paypal account.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   797d ago
I wonder how many people only have Origin because of BF3... I know I'm one of those. I just think of it as a glorified game launcher for BF3 much like Uplay is for Farcry 3.
Vladplaya  +   797d ago
I don't usually use Origin, but when I do, I have to download huge update, because I haven't start it for months...
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aiBreeze  +   797d ago
adorie  +   797d ago
I don't always use Origin... But when I do, I Don't.

Instead, I drink Dos Equis and then start up Steam.
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ThreshStar  +   797d ago
...yeah, because EA's main franchises like Mass Effect, Battlefield, Dead Space, etc. HAVE to use origin in order to play their game.

Oh yeah, I still have yet to update Battlefield 3 as well as download the Endgame DLC because their server download speeds are a joke.

I willingly use Steam. I begrudgingly use Origin.

Figure it out, EA, or get ready to be voted the Worst Company of the Year yet again.
chcolatesnw  +   797d ago
i don't see what you mean about the download speeds. i always get my full 25mbps OR 25Mbps/8 = 3.1MBps on origin. And so do my friends from the same region (Toronto) and from USA (W DC), and Germany (Hamburg)
ThreshStar  +   797d ago
I don't know either. When I download from steam, easily 3MBps, but with Origin - maybe 300-400k at most. No consistency.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   797d ago
I hit 3.1mps as well when I had to re-download BF3 after the End game patch bricked my initial install. I have 32-36Mbs download speeds but I never see anything more than 2.5Mbs so I was a little excited. Downloaded 20gigs in 2 1/2 hours.
Sucitta  +   797d ago
39 Million Battlefield 3 players that are forced to use Origin to play the game.

NotSoSilentBob  +   797d ago
* 40 million accounts. And of course it is going to happen when EA FORCES just about every game it makes to be part of it as DRM failure.
ApolloTheBoss  +   797d ago
Wonder how many of those are actually active.
papashango  +   797d ago
I probably have over 10 or so EA accounts that I made playing different games over the years. Those old EA accounts I believe were converted into Origin accounts

Kinda like how Google says they have millions upon millions of Google+ users when all they did was take all their email accounts and force them into Google+
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HarryB  +   797d ago
I don't have problems downloading from oirgin. I'm used to it. And I got fios. I downloaded end game in 30 min on release.

I like the battle log and I'm not kissing ea's ass but its very detailed and I'm already used to it. I can alt tab bf3 easier and shut it. Steam is the kiss of death for some games.
unchartedxplorer  +   797d ago
There's a big difference......50 million users that use the service constantly and 40 million users that only got an account in the first place was to play a battlefield/sims etc and that never use the service.
Capodastaro  +   797d ago
People still on that bandwagon of hate?

I prefer to have all my games on the one service(Steam) too but Origin isn't that bad.

Plus their download speeds absolutely cream Steam's
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wolokowoh  +   797d ago
Obviously 40 million is pretty impressive but consider this Origin also sells retail PS3/360 and as you would expect you to have an account to buy them. I know this because I bought Kingdoms of Amalur this way during a sale. It's because of little tidbits like these, I would argue on the whole Origin members do not actively use Origin nearly to the extent Steam users use Steam. I would also argue it inflates the number of registered members of Origin.
LessThan2Tflops  +   797d ago
But I thought PC gaming is dead
v0rt3x  +   797d ago
It's because people still don't understand the concept of not spending money when they don't like the company or their products.

I am proud to say -

-> I've never played Battlefield 3
-> I've never played the new Sim City
-> I've never played Dead Space 3
-> I've never played Mass Effect 3

...and I'm happy with that. I can sleep at night, knowing that I don't spend money on a company I don't like or on products that are sold on a platform (Origin) - that I don't like (or on a product I don't like).

Stop buying EA Games just because they're awesome - even though you hate EA or Origin. That's how you just fuel the fire.
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ylwzx3  +   797d ago
That's 40 million too many. I won't bow down to EA and their practices. I was a huge fan of Battlefield prior to BF3. I never bought BF3 because of how they forced Origin in your face.
2pacalypsenow  +   797d ago
If i find a game on Origin cheaper than steam i will buy it on Origin and the other way around i dont care who makes the service if the game is cheap i will buy it
spartanlemur  +   797d ago
I registered for Origin. I don't, however, actually use it much.
minimur12  +   796d ago
^ same, i registered and have never even logged in after that i think

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