Why it’s important to talk about Tropes vs. Women In Video Games

"When I think about female characters in video games, two types come to mind.
The first is the damsel in distress.
The second is the super sexualized fighter."

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ziggurcat2068d ago

down voted for being garbage.

uuaschbaer2068d ago

The essence of this article:
Question: Why is it important to talk about tropes v. women in video games?
Answer: "The messages these popular characterizations send ... are problematic."
Evidence or reasoning: n/a

I'm sure De Montaigne would have been proud. Next.

OmniSlashPT2068d ago

"When I think about male characters in video games, two types come to mind.
The first is the generic bald white guy with no personality whatsoever that somehow gains a goal in life.
The second is the super muscled spacemarine."

See, you can generalize and sterotype it as a male version too! I getting really tired of this 'female hate' towards video games. First were the guns and violence, now all te feminists, whats next? Video games are the reason for nuclear disasters?

What surprises me the most (or not) is the fact that this was written by a woman in a non-gaming website, showing that if it was about any other problem, they wouldnt probably touch it.

And I hate how people react to Anittas self intended 'hate campaign'. It's called the internet ffs, besides, she made it herself in order to get popular and noticed, otherwise no one would even found her campaign.

admiralvic2068d ago

I think the worst part is that most people that are against it, merely point it out. Most of the arguments, basis for facts and logic come from a small pool of information that is cherry picked for their needs. It's getting to the point where people no longer want to hear the issue and automatically assume they're wrong or worthless (like N4G does to Kotaku, which is totally reasonable).

Like I've said enough times now, there are sexy girls and there are unattractive girls that "kick butt". The generic hunters in Monster Hunter are perfectly capable of killing some insane enemies given enough experience, yet all of them look quite unattractive. The same goes for a lot of games, so the point becomes pretty silly.

TongkatAli2068d ago

Monster Hunter female ? XD no, that doesn't count. Aveline, Kat and New Lara Croft are good examples.

admiralvic2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

@ TongkatAli

Honestly... I am just sick of listing the same examples every time these articles go up, so I try to list different ones. Is it the best example? No, but there are plenty of games in a similar genre with sexualized female models.

Also Lara Croft is more towards sexualized than not.

violents2068d ago

From the article: “The reality is this trope is being used in a real world context where backwards sexist attitudes are already rampant. It’s a sad fact that a large percentage of the world’s population still clings to the deeply sexist belief that women, as a group, need to be sheltered, protected and taken care of by men.”

Ok I understand that gaming is largely, or has been in the past, a boys club. But just look at the new tomb raider and the women in the Uncharted games. As women flock to the industry the playing field will level out but statments like this just generalize everyone instead of just women.