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Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 111: Kratos Don’t Love Them Hoes

Jerrett Calloway (Blade206), Charles King (DCI), and Wynton Harris (Worsecase) come together once again to bring you the best infotainment on the net. The SYGU crew gives you the news and honest opinions about the video game industry and culture while bringing the fun back to gaming. Listen and Laugh!

In this episode we talked about the following:

- 2k13 Shamefulness

- Payday The Heist 2

- God Of War impressions

- Pax East

- New Xbox Rumors

- Wii U still not understood by consumers

- God of War trophy patch “Bros Before Hoes”

- As always we have a step ya game up and much more (Culture, Industry, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

fabiani  +   980d ago
finally hurrray
JoySticksFTW  +   980d ago
Awww yeah

Seriously, guys. You need to do this podcast more frequently.
rbluetank  +   979d ago
good show. my sister bought the Wii U. she packed the Wii U back up into it's box after watching PS4 video. she thought the Wii U was next gen until that video. the Wii U is not understood by alot of customers. i barely see comercial about the Wii U or what it can do. i can not wait to see what else the ps4 has in store. i want to see what the Xbox 720 has this gen also..

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