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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is just another example of extremely poor licensing for a quick cash-in-pocket venture by a large publishing company that can get away with it. We have yet to see a formidable zombie survival thriller hit retail shelves and Survival Instinct is no exception. Did the developers at Terminal Reality actually even played through their own game and think the end result was enjoyable? The game greatly disappoints with its lackluster visuals, unexciting gameplay and lack of replayability. Survival Instinct might have The Walking Dead in its title, but it doesn’t have any of The Walking Dead in its veins.

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Good_Guy_Jamal2095d ago

Activision, just when we thought you couldn't top CoD VITA, you come out with this garbage.

rezzah2095d ago

lol so true.

Does anyone know how long this game was in development for?

Blastoise2095d ago

If it's like Black Ops declassified probably around 6 months. They don't care about getting the devs to make a good game, just as long as they get it out whilst there is still some of the walking dead hype around -_-'