PlayStation Network ID Userbars is presenting a free, user-friendly tool for users to create their own "PSN ID Bar". All of this is delivered to users at no cost. The application doesn't require you to give out any personal information or create an account. The PlayStation Network ID Bar or Userbar will allow you to create a userbar that's branded with your own PlayStation Network name.

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Harry1903544d ago

understand anything.i'm a newbie,
please explain.

timmyp533544d ago (Edited 3544d ago ) is much better. Why advertise this rubbish on n4g?

kspraydad3544d ago

Userbars are for forums...

You can make your own here and customize all you want:

TripleTags3544d ago

This is an effort of the SonyPG .. we have nothing to do with it.

Besides our ThinTags are MUCH more advanced and cooler than this any day and display Wii, PlayStation games:

InYourMom3544d ago

definately ownz(as in better) these.

PSWe603544d ago

ok, so what's this for?

Spike473544d ago

explain please.

Does anyone else have like 20 friends on psn,

I get like a freind every week.

is there a friend limit?LOL

smokeymicpot3544d ago

yes there is a friend limit on psn and it is 50 i think.

gonzopia3544d ago

Seriously? You can't have more than 50 friends? I mean, I'm nowhere near that amount. Not too many people I know own PS3's... but I expect to start adding a few more when Home comes out.

...I hope. :(

AlterEgo3544d ago

and surprisingly...

i've ran out of space

i have to delete people every week to add new ones

i mainly delete who's never online

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The story is too old to be commented.