Naruto Storm 3: Play as Hidden Characters

Saiyan Island has figured out how to play as character confirmed by Namco Bandai as not playable.

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rezzah1731d ago

While it is a great find, does it mean that they are meant to be DLC?

admiralvic1731d ago

No. Typically it means the idea was intended, but scrapped or enough data is on the characters that they can be made working. Kaizoku Musou had Akoiji, Buggy and some other people playable, yet they weren't ever released as DLC. Even some games like Disgaea let you play as Baal, just using certain things froze the game lol.

e-p-ayeaH1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

not really these characters were meant to be playable at some point but since their move set was so simple the developers decided not to include them as playable characters. (admiralvic said same thing i see haha)

hey at least we got the jinchurikis!