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Submitted by ApolloTheBoss 1056d ago | article

Ouya’s founder: “If we don’t nail this, nothing else really matters”

Julie Uhrman lays out what the console will need to succeed in its first year. (Android, Culture, Julie Uhrman, Ouya)

classic200  +   1056d ago
Every year new hardware, no way I am supporting that. I think ouya will be irrelevant in its own area with the steam box even though its already irrelevant.
xPhearR3dx  +   1056d ago
Steambox is also $1000, this is $100. If you love mobile games, a tablet will run you $100+ so this is a good alternative to playing on the big screen. Especially with some of the games they have out now and older. Dead Trigger, Order and Chaos Online MMO.
b163o1  +   1056d ago
WRONG!!! No one knows the price of the StreamBox playa

What your thinking of is "ThePiston" I believe.
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Farsendor1  +   1056d ago
people still think piston is the official steambox?
subtenko  +   1056d ago
I forgot all about the Ouya because of all the PS4 epicness. Then you got steams console coming out and the next xbox.

Plus the Ouya essentially runs games that over 50% of people can play already right? (smartphones) The smart phone is the standard cell phone now as less companies are making older phone models.
fermcr  +   1056d ago
OUYA is essentially this (i think)...

... with a gamepad.
r21  +   1056d ago
Woah, nice find. This seems like a better alternative than the Ouya. Cheaper too.
IcicleTrepan  +   1056d ago
The specs don't compare at all.
IcicleTrepan  +   1056d ago
That is a more recent development that I too am not crazy about. However it really depends how it is implemented. If you can go 2 years or more without absolutely having to upgrade then it's not a huge deal I guess. In some ways I don't know what to expect and in other ways I do know exactly what I'm getting. It doesn't officially launch until end of June anyway, though I get mine at the end of April. If anything else I can use it as a networked media player to get movies from my PC into another room without having to buy yet another PC.
fermcr  +   1056d ago
Honestly i don't care for Ouya. I find 90% of games on smartphones crap... but i guess it's a good way to incentive casual players to get a home console (WiiU, PS4 or next Xbox) future on.
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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   1055d ago
finally someone who sees what i do!
dillydadally  +   1052d ago
I think you and so many people miss the point of this console and why there are a lot of people excited about it. They get too stuck up on the android thing and think its just going to be a system of android phone ports. If that's true, you're right - it's dumb.

But what I and most people are excited about are the brand new indie games made specifically for a large screen and controller. This is THE indie game console. If you like indie games, than Ouya is exciting. I'm hoping it becomes a home to innovation like Minecraft that the big guys, like PS4 developers, won't do because of it being too risky.
Tiqila  +   1056d ago
abzdine  +   1056d ago
99$ is too much to play android low prod games when i can plug my phone to the TV and play those same games. In the beginning i thought it was a kind of a cloud gaming machine with PC streamed games like steambox but it's actually lower value than a snes or genesis!

i prefer to keep them and buy killzone: Shadow Fall and inFamous: 2nd son with them.
xPhearR3dx  +   1056d ago
Too much? You'll play 3x the amount for just your phone, and more than $100 for a good tablet. It's actually a decent price, it just doesn't appeal to everyone.
abzdine  +   1056d ago
i'm sorry i prefer a solid experience to a brainless game, and on top of that it's the touch screen that makes those android games a minimum enjoyable so IF i want to play those games i have my phone for that cause I AM REALLY NOT the type of person who will connect a console to play a burger game on TV.
Handheld games it's on VITA or 3DS.
lodossrage  +   1056d ago
Even though what you say is true about the paying 3x as much for a phone or tablet, Abzdine still makes a good point.

You have to understand that a phone or a tablet both are much more necessary and practical than Ouya. Ouya is nothing more than a hackable android. No general PC functions and no being able to call people.

If phones were like then were back in the day and JUST phones and tablets didn't exist, THEN something like Ouya might look attractive.

But in the day and age where almost everyone has a phone that already does this stuff, it takes away what little interest the Ouya has.
Bakkies  +   1056d ago
I think it will be more successful if was firstly as a cheap Android PC, secondly as a media player and lastly for gaming.

It's a question of what it can do well potentially and with what it can compete with.
IcicleTrepan  +   1056d ago
it comes with XBMC built in - media player - check. Also nothing stopping you from using it as a PC.
Bakkies  +   1056d ago
I agree, but let me rephrase.

I believe it will it will be more successful if advertised as:

Primarily a cheap Android PC.
Secondarily a media center.
Lastly for gaming.
THC CELL  +   1056d ago
Doomed device. Phones are good enough for games. Ps4 ftw
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   1055d ago
see this is what i dont like, they want us to buy it get hooked.. and enjoy it but then they want us to buy it yearly and stop supporting the older models.. companys like this are just money hungry and they are ruining what the fans really enjoy in a console. if this is a success it wont be long till microsoft, sony , apple all join in and do the same if there making money..

i dont like this console anyway
ziggurcat  +   1055d ago
well, the ouya doesn't matter, so...

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