Preview: The Last of Us |

Previewer Leo Stevenson writes, "You’re standing on a high-up floor of a derelict and long abandoned skyscraper. Part of the wall is missing — peeled back by nature — as vegetation has gradually crept in and claimed where man had made his home. Through the hole, you can see the crumbling and quiet city stretching off into the distance, the Earth almost swallowing it up, some parts disappearing entirely under new, green growth. Rain drizzles almost endlessly and paints everything with a slick, glossy sheen, feeding the ravenous trees and undergrowth, rendering the sky permanently overcast. Both beautiful and oppressive, the city died long ago. Apart from the vegetation and the animals the only other living things that remain are to be avoided at all costs. Facing them means certain death one way or another. Be it through lack of supplies, experience or simply running out of luck, what is reclaiming the city will take you too."

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