The Best Orchestral Video Game Music On Spotify

Whether classic or modern, chip-tune or orchestral, I [Keith from Twinfinite] love music from video games. If you love video games, but haven’t tried working or browsing the Internet to your favorite video game music, it’s definitely worth a try. It’s like a loophole that allows you to enjoy games while doing something more productive. There is a debate over whether video games are truly art, but the music alone qualifies them- video game pieces encompass some of the most powerful music of our time.

Fortunately, Spotify makes it easier than ever before to find music and compile playlists without having to buy a bunch of music (or resort to less savory methods). It also lets me share the fruits of my labor with you.

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broli40002044d ago

Really great stuff there. Love to hear all the different orchestral versions of my fav video game songs.

kafe2044d ago

Thanks fellas and felines I feel the great same way about yes too