Ex-EA execs weigh in on CEO transition

GIB:One ex-EA executive, who wished not to be named, was less charitable about Riccitiello's tenure, however. "Riccitiello lost money every single year he was at EA while I was there, (and probably every other year he was there too). He just didn't know anything about games, or rather, interactive entertainment in general. After I left, he was gone for a while... [then] Riccitiello came back, but since he hadn't learned anything as a VC guy, he really didn't bring anything of value with him the first or the second time. He's much more obnoxious than impressive," said the exec, referring to Riccitiello's time at Elevation Partners before coming back to lead EA.

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NYC_Gamer2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

EA is full of suits that have no real clue about gaming..The main problem with mega publishers is that they push away creative ideas in favor of generic quick dollar mainstream tactics..EA have ruined so many good studios and franchises in the name of massive appeal..

phantomexe2071d ago

I don't think EA has ruined anything. Your right about the guys in the suits but EA has some of the best delopers in the business. They make damn good games that sell really well. The problem in my opinion is theres to many suits sucking up money. I look at my game collection and see alot of EA published games which you know EA had a big part in. My library is EA,Ubisoft and Sony. I don't think EA stops creativity because look at what we have seen this past gen but they do have and upper management problem that bleeds money. I know everyone hates them because of this or that but if a sound minded person looks at what they had helped create they come to the same conclusion. EA is at the forfront of game development. To many people jump on the EA hate bandwagon. I'm not saying there perfect but i'm glad there around.