Reboots are counterproductive to the gaming industry

When a long-lasting series becomes outdated, developers often attempt to update it for a new generation. But is the industry holding itself back by rehashing old concepts and ideas?

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AronDeppert2100d ago

I'm a big believer in new IPs!

Derekvinyard132100d ago

that picture he made is so dam true

Root2100d ago

I know right

My favourite line is

"If you havent completed the game you can't comment on it"

Which is used a lot despite the fact you can judge something without playing it. I saw plenty of footage for TWO YEARS of the new dmc, trailers, previews, sceenshots, the behind the scene art stuff and it just got worse and worse, I even played the demo and with the way people went on I still couldn't say anything because I hadn't bought it......yeah ok then ¬¬

colonel1792100d ago

It depends on the franchise. Some franchises are good, but some decisions might have affected them, and a reboot might renovate them by trying again with fresh ideas. Others might be just trying to milk as much as possible.

In any case though, I prefer new IPs, because they can too become successful franchises

ExCest2100d ago

True, but it does give some more time to think of another IP.

Also, people want them and since it's a big money maker, why not?

Parapraxis2100d ago

I'd still like a another Soul Reaver, reboot or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.