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Submitted by Erimgard 1055d ago | opinion piece

Don’t Expect Miyamoto’s New Game at E3

GenGAME writes: The Pikmin franchise (Miyamoto’s last new IP outside of Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and Wii Music) is over a decade old now, and Nintendo fans have been patiently waiting for something new. For the past three years, Miyamoto has raised the hopes of Nintendo fans by stating that he aims to have a new IP within a year’s time, but we still have nothing to show for it.

Many fans believe this will be the year Miyamoto will finally unveil a new game for either the Wii U or the 3DS, but there are significant reasons to believe that we’re set for another E3 without Miyamoto’s new game. (3DS, Nintendo, Pikmin 3, Shigeru Miyamoto, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   1055d ago
I expected Star Fox at last year's E3. I'm not letting myself have any expectations at all. That way if they screw up, I won't care and if they do well then I'll enjoy myself.

Nintendo's E3 shows are too unpredictable. We go from awesome to crap and back again and that kind of inconsistency drives me nuts.


Believe it or not, someone asked Reggie why that game was absent and he said that if he had so much as mentioned the game, the guys at Retro would have been throwing a fit. It was one of those articles that came and went, but I remember reading it before.

It may not be Star Fox, it could very well be F-Zero or maybe something else entirely. All I know is Nintendo needs this big core heavy hitters and those experiences need to be deep if they want to get people interested.

And give us some gameplay for Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, damn it!
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Erimgard  +   1055d ago
I was particularly let down by the lack of a reveal for the new game Retro Studios is working on. Should get it this year though, so that's something to look forward to.

As for Star Fox, there's no word on whether it's being made or not, but Miyamoto said he thought Star Fox and Metroid were both games perfectly suited for the Wii U, so I would imagine we'll see them eventually.
classic200  +   1055d ago
I am pretty much interested in seeing what this game will be like, if there is one thing nintendo lack is something new and fresh. if only they took more risk like with this new IP maybe the non nintendo gamers like me would think about getting a wiiu, not saying zelda, mario, pokemon and metroid is bad but for many gamers its a been there done that feeling and something new from this man would really be eye catching atleast for me.
Erimgard  +   1055d ago
I also remember that Reggie comment. Nintendo is keeping things VERY quiet when it comes to Retro right now. Must be something big they are working on.
Qrphe  +   1055d ago
I expect this E3 to be one of their best in years. Nintendo knows they have to show off their best material and this is their chance. I NEED to see an F-Zero game though.
--Onilink--  +   1055d ago
I dont expect the actual conference to big that big of a deal, Nintendo seems to have lost their touch for that type of thing, but all the actual announcements, small roundtables and overall amount of games show will be what makes it a great E3 for Nintendo.

I wouldnt even put it past them to do another Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct > E3 Conference
corrus  +   1055d ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i ma sure that their E3 will be like E3 2011 and 2012 with other words their E3 will be the same only talking nonsense and will show may be little from their trash Mario again and all Nintendo blind fools will be Nintendo are the best LOSERS
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Trago1337  +   1055d ago
Kinda curious as to what it is, because this could very well be his last big IP before he retires. Or who knows, he may have multiple IP's being made, but the point is, him and his team are the driving force behind it.

also, on an arbitrary note, i kinda wanna know what the inspiration behind this new game will be, because many of his games are inspired by his real life experiences.
hard joe  +   1055d ago
I expect new console
Or new model for handheld
Erimgard  +   1055d ago
Both are already out.
Plagasx  +   1055d ago
Really? Doesn't seem like it...
GenericNameHere  +   1055d ago
I just want a new F-Zero... It's not that I'm gonna buy it (I won't. It's too difficult for me). It's just fun seeing the awesome tracks and hardcore and high speed racing... IN HD!!

And maybe watch some YouTubers rage out of their mind... IN HD!!!!
kirbyu  +   1055d ago
I'm more excited for the SSB4 screenshots than Miyamoto's game.
ScubaSteve1  +   1055d ago
if pikmin 3 doesnt get a release date this e3 i be pissed
SAYGUH  +   1055d ago
Oh boy, I know you guys won't like this.. Aahh here it goes, Miyamoto I love you man, you created the likes of Mario, Link, Metroid, etc. However you've also made craptacular titles such as Wii Music & few others. Listen man, real tired of you goin out on stage at E3 & messin it up, it's humiliating dude. Plz for the love of Paletina, rehearse the showings at Nintendo & leave it to your successors
PopRocks359  +   1055d ago
Aside from Wii Music, what other bad games did he make? Also what shows did he screw up on stage? If you're talking about Skyward Sword, there's not much he can do if the Wii remote/sensor bar is not working properly.
deafdani  +   1055d ago
Even Wii Music is a good game. People wanted it to be Rock Band or something like that, but Wii Music is just a pretty casual music game to chill out, and better suited for kids. It's not a bad game by any means.
_QQ_  +   1055d ago
E3 wouldnt be the same without the good old grandfather of gaming coming out with hylian shield in hand or pikmin in pocket ect.
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1055d ago
Not sure what Miyamoto is doing but I hope he does something unexpected- Maybe like taking a more "cORE" concept and flipping it on its head Miyamoto-Style.

I have seen interviews where he has discussed FPS and "cORE" games and sense then it has always made me think what would Miyamoto do with this genre? Or a MMO.

(You know that he helped/advise with many more "cORE" styled titles Suda51, Retro, SK's)

I have always wanted to see a more "cORE" centric title done by Nintendo, just to see how they would shake it up.

Retro is what I am looking forward to and banking on,
Not because I am longing for a big "cORE" title for myself but because I am caught-up in the competition of the companies.

Not really the barbs and slights but the Creation, inspiration, and motivation that inspires every generation.

"Xenoblade 2" And "SMT X Fire Emblem" anything else is just a bonus.
DOMination-  +   1055d ago
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1055d ago
Mostly I spell it that way to mark that I may not be using it correctly (according to any reader).
A Label May Make 1 Man Proud and Another Angry So-

There is a label called the Core,
-But it is a subjective label that everyone is not clear on the definition.

So, I use quotes to denote that I maybe talking about a stereotype, cause at any given moment a gamer could fit the bill of the label Core.

(It's like trying to argue with a PS$ fanatic on whether Next is here or yet to come- whether this is Current Gen or Next Gen... )

Small "c" further separates; it denotes an attempt to show respect to the wide range of people who may fall under the label Core.

When I use small "c" I am generally talking about people who like graphics and mature themes in violence-

+Plus, most of these games tend to utilize polygon metals. Lead and Swords which are made of Ore.

SAYGUH  +   1055d ago
Tough crowd.. Yikes!! BTW Pop Rocks, really diggin your avatar. I miss your purple outfit, kinda makes it look alluring. ;)
PopRocks359  +   1055d ago
lol I'm not Shantae. But she's the best. Hope the next game comes out soon.
Jirachi  +   1055d ago
I'm not much a fan of miyamoto anymore(yes i blame him for a certin 3ds game being bad.)
BosSSyndrome  +   1055d ago
I can say without a doubt that a new IP from Miyamoto would be no less than AAA quality. Fingers crossed.

New F-Zero wouldn't be too bad either...
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1054d ago
A brand new IP from miyamoto I been waiting to hear that since the GameCube days.

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