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Franchises: The 7 Factors of a Healthy Video Game Franchise

"We’ve all seen it time and time again, not just in video games, but in films, literature, and television. A new potential franchise comes along and is expected to do well, but suddenly fizzles out and never realizes its full potential. Like the stars in the heavens, some video game franchises survive for decades while others last for only a few short years. Why is that? Are video game companies just being a******s and not giving us the games we want? No, the real truth is that video game companies would want nothing more than for every game they develop to be a successful franchise. The only thing that stops them is something that has been with us since mankind’s infancy, a primal presence as old as the Earth itself." - The Gamepop (3DS, Advent Rising, Chrono Trigger , GameCube, Industry, Nintendo DS, PC, Pokemon X and Y, PS2, PS3, PS4, Super Mario World, World of Warcraft, Xbox, Xbox 360)

HmongAmerican  +   648d ago
Back then every videogames you purchased is complete and yours to keep. Today some game developers and publishers have change from making quality games to milking new ips to the point where we just can't stand for it no more. yearly releases and incomplete games with day one DLC.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   648d ago
Nintendo uses point 7 to a tee. It even works with reviewers. Not to say their games aren't great, but they'd get more 8s and less 10s if those guys didn't grow up with Mario

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