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How Microsoft Can Outdo Sony’s Announcement

Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement has come and gone. Most of our lives have gone back to normal, and gamers have returned to blissfully enjoying the latest awesome games on their current generation consoles. (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

mochachino  +   392d ago
Only thing that can make it possible IMO - free online MP for silver.
vishant101  +   392d ago
Xbox doesn't have to be more powerful then ps4 it just needs to be better value to anyone buying it that means games and functionality as well as reasonably good hardware. The most powerful game system has not won the console war in a very long time all ms needs to do is open new more studios make more games its perfectly ok for them to make kinect games as long as they bring out core games as well.
zebramocha  +   392d ago
@vish only thing Ms had over Sony this gen is better third party games and a slightly better online,so it would be hard for Ms to counter unless they were significantly cheaper than Sony.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   392d ago
I agree with you. But the whole deal with the PS4 is not only is it really strong but its easy to develop for. But that power probably wouldn't mean much if the new Xbox is similar in strength. And it is said that the new Xbox is, once again easy to develop on.

We'll have to wait and see.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   392d ago
I just don't see that happening. Microsoft outsources the production of Xbox consoles. They sell the Xbox at a very low profit margin. The Xbox division's primary source of income is Xbox Live Gold. If SIlver enables online play than Gold subscriptions will drop. So unless MS changes their business model, I am pretty certain the Xbox's online will be subscription based.
ATi_Elite  +   391d ago
How Microsoft Can Outdo Sony’s Announcement

Show an actual Xbox720 running Halo 5

that would blow the MS fans away and impress non MS fans like me!
rainslacker  +   391d ago
Halo 5 couldn't hurt to be sure. A new Forza couldn't hurt either. I would like to see some new IP's, because while Halo is one FPS that I actually enjoy, it would be nice to know if MS is going to go into actually creating new ideas for us to play. Have to remember, the next gen is what we'll be playing for the next 6-7 years, and bringing something new is always good. I'm reasonable enough though to know they won't say everything that they will do right up front, but a little hope would be nice.:)
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mochachino  +   391d ago
Halo is popular and a system seller but the franchise is not nearly as big as it was when Halo 3 came out.

More FPS fans like COD and BF more now.
MysticStrummer  +   391d ago
Free online gaming and exclusive games I'm interested in.
_FantasmA_  +   391d ago
Not even. Free online has already been done before. It would sell for ameericans who have really gotten more racist and xenophobic after the economy went in the toilet, but the rest of the world knows where the games are at. What good is free online if there still aren't any games to play? Only Xbots will pick free online in Halo 57 and Gears 62.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   392d ago
They're not concerned with Sony.
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Wizziokid  +   392d ago
well judging how defensive they got with the PS4 reveal I would say they are concerned.

and even without that logic of course they are concerned, that's their competition they need to sell the console to consumers and they wont do that by ignoring sony they need to learn and adapt and showcase a better console otherwise people will go to sony for the value.

it's how business works
Septic  +   392d ago
Oh yes they are, unless of course they want to hammer down the nails in their own proverbial coffin.

Past responses via Twitter etc alone are proof contrary to your point.

Sony are MS' direct competitors; believe me, they have sized up the competition to a greater degree than any of us on here. The reasons for doing so should be obvious.

OT- MS can outdo Sony in several ways:

1) Technical Specs- The PS4 is quite a powerhouse and on raw specs alone, I'm skeptical as to how MS can achieve it. But we all know that it isn't simply about the specs, its how you incorporate them into your machine.

2) Games- The potential library of first party games that MS has at its disposal is quite formidable. It remains to be seen whether they will even utilise this. Here's hoping

3) Hardware- Illumiroom and Kinect may seem gimmicky but that's only because we they do not appear to be of little use to core gamers. If MS can, somehow, prove naysayers wrong about its applications, then we could be in for a real treat. However, skepticism seems to be more than justified at this point

4) Features- The share button for example, on the PS4 is absolutely brilliant. We need features like that, that really enhance the social functionality of the console and really feel like it is a decisive step into the next-generation.

Exciting times ahead.
XaviorZ   392d ago | Spam
Septic  +   392d ago

Well, I was going to post a longer reply but then I noticed you created your account a couple of days ago. So what is your original account's name or are do you not have the courage of your convictions to mention that?

Desperate? I don't follow a certain brand of console manufacturers religiously so I have no reason to be desparate. Also, regarding my so-called 'high hopes', I was merely listing what I thought MS COULD theoretically do to outdo Sony. In fact, I even elaborated on my skepticism in my post but your lack of comprehension skills (among other things) clearly came into play.

I've wasted too much time on the likes you as it. Ciao.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   391d ago
I agree with Septic.

As for @Xavior he fails to use any proper logic Like most on this site, sheesh.

You see if he was even remotely smart he would know that MS has allot more studios going on next gen To handle allot more.

If he was smart he wouldn't make a stupid assumption like he just did.

"MS will try to draw their cards right to satisfy the hardcore fans but only at the beginning after that they will focus on the casual gamer "KINECT" exactly like they did with 360."

That's stupid comment how do you know? "Ohhh because the Xbox 360 did it." Get out of here, if you were smart you wouldn't make that assumption and you wouldn't worry about a "change of direction" on future unannounced console which is something you don't know anything about. Your getting Waaayy ahead of your self.

But, I'm using the same logic again to further make my point clear in conjunction to my first statement.

MS created more studio's to handle allot more. They created entertainment studios, casual studios and more importantly, more CORE studios. So, the likely hood of MS doing what they did with the 360 isn't likely.

MS tried to do allot with the 360 and even sacrificed creating new Ip's later in the gen they didn't have the studio power to cater to the core but they did have the power to give its fans Gears, Halo, Forza and many, many critically acclaimed XBL Arcade titles.

MS will have more studios next gen, the more studios the better for everyone.

Are we clear?
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rainslacker  +   391d ago
I agree with Septic on all his points, although I don't consider the share button all that interesting from a game play standpoint.


It's not so much that some of us believe MS will repeat what they did this gen with abandoning the core, it's more that because of what they've been doing the past couple years it gives cause for concern that they will do it again.

Typically you can look at a companies history and know how they will behave in the long run. Nintendo pushes out a steady supply of their staple game IP's, along with some great gems which mostly go unnoticed by the mainstream. Sony fully supports both core and casual players with a diverse library of IP's, and continuously seems to be trying to push the games industry forward.

Right now MS has gone and focused mostly on Kinect with little new IP development for the core. Since the original Xbox was dropped fast, we only have one generation to really see how MS behaves in regards to it's outlook on the gaming industry.

The acquirement of "core" studios is a good sign, no doubt, but as I recall MS also acquired Rare, and we saw what happened to them. Until the games are announced we can only speculate on what those studios are doing. We can also only speculate on what MS is doing for next gen because they have been silent on everything.

It's not to say that we don't want them to do well, because quite honestly I do. I want them to blow me away and give me a reason to become a MS gamer. In order to do that they will have to deliver something that I want, and that's a great core experience overall, along with new IP's to keep things fresh, and a reasonable value to make it worth picking up the system in the first place.

I'm not rooting for or against MS. I'm looking at what kind of gaming experiences they can deliver for my own personal enjoyment. Something they've failed to deliver for me this gen.
Cocozero  +   392d ago
Just announcing it would be enough. And showing something othercthan better graphics wether that be Kinect 2 or Illumiroom
OlgerO  +   392d ago
whatever helps you sleep at night
mrmancs  +   392d ago
why is this in the ps4 section? It is Sony who does not case about microsoft , we got final fantasy + tons more exclusives to look forward too :)
Wizziokid  +   392d ago
They can do a good presentation by following sony and saying here's the console it's going to focus on games and we want it to be for games.

cut all of the we have all this built in crap and make it about the games again please!

oh and don't focus on kinect.
clintagious650  +   392d ago
I think they should atleast make xbl free to play but if u want all the other stuff added then let ppl who want to pay for all the other stuff pay for gold.
stuna1  +   392d ago
I will eat my hat, if xbox live is free!

It just won't happen! Xbox live is a goldmine plain and simple, 1 billion a year and counting.

They could use free online for the nextbox to sell the console though, think about it, draw the current fanbase away from the 360 to upgrade, then later down the line institute a subscription fee.
mcstorm  +   392d ago
No one knows what MS are going to do with the next Xbox and to say they will only have a few exclusives may not be true.

Look at the Original Xbox it had lots of Exclusives but they could not match the sales of the PS2 because it had a big hold on the market.

Nintendo and Microsoft knew they had to change things to get there consoles noticed this gen and Nintendo went for a new market and Microsoft hit the ground running with games like gears but also took the big name 3rd party games from being exclusive and had Tekken, FF, GTA ect released on there console.

Sony kind of messed up at the beginning of this gen with the quality of there games and 3rd party thought of the PS3 as 2nd best because it was hard to program for.
But part the way through the gen gave us some amazing new IP's like LBP ect and are now trying to get a bigger 1st party set of games Like Nintendo have as they know this can be a big reason for people to buy there console over the other 2.

I think there will be room for all 3 this gen though as I seem them all offering different experiences and all 3 will be going for the core and none core from day one.
ps3_pwns  +   392d ago
the simple anwser to the question is they cant. I think MS will have always online drm for everything. live will cost 60 dollars just to play and get some features but if u dont have internet conection they will make you pay an extra 40 bucks for 4g wireless internet. so 100 bucks for to start and 40 a month for the 4g internet and then they probably gonna have extra fees and such for other things.
SonyPS4  +   392d ago
Can't wait to see what MS has in store just out of curiosity. Both systems need to succeed and remain competitive. It is the gamer that wins in the end.
ZBlacktt  +   392d ago
No RROD this time around for the first few years.
LOL_WUT  +   392d ago
If they show off real time Ground Zeros gameplay on the next xbox.
MysticStrummer  +   391d ago
A multiplat? smh

EDIT - That would be cool and all, I'm just saying a multiplat alone wouldn't win MS anything.
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DigitalRaptor  +   391d ago
Free online, a good number of diverse exclusives, minimal focus on Kinect, displaying more impressive specs than Sony, showing off live cloud features, and confirmation going against recent rumours of used games and "always on".
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_FantasmA_  +   391d ago
So basically it needs to be like a Sony in order to beat a Sony console. Microsoft is too stupid be make smart business decisions and I doubt they will stop being the greedy and restrictive bass turds they've always been? Why would they change now?

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