Video Game Face Off: BioShock vs. Killzone

After crashing into the ocean, Jack, the playable protagonist in BioShock, descends in a bathysphere to the underwater ‘utopia’ of Rapture. In that opening scene, not a single bullet flies. Instead of highlighting the fact that this is another shoot-now, ask-questions-never affair, BioShock carefully introduces its nuanced world and intricate philosophy through a simple slideshow presented by Andrew Ryan.

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ArchangelMike2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

I wonder why the author picked the Killzone series as the archetypical FPS, with which to go against Bioshock. Never mind the fact that one is multiplatform, and the other is exclusive to the PS3 (fanboy alert!).

Surely the typical FPS is COD. Heck if you are going to do an objective head-to-head comparison, you would use games with the same or similar game design principles.

Bioshock vs Dishonoured for example. Both games are designed with game mechanics to give the player choice. Both games therefore have multiple endings with which to display the choices the player has made.

To compare a game designed with choice as it's core mechanic, with a game that is designed to be a linear experience, is really to show your inexperience as a game journalist; not to mention a complete lack of understanding of the different types of first person shooters out there.

Either that, or your actually just after the fanboy hits, which is a shame, 'cos you could start some really interesting discussions. Instead of opting for cheap fanboy hits.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

Bioshock is about you against everyone else and exploring this places in B1 and Infinite.
Killzone is a war between 2 nations which have 300 year old histoy and good reason to hate each other.
One has magic powers and a different world and one doesn't have or can't have magic powers and weird bosses because it's set in our world. our world 300 years in the future but it's trying to be realistic.

I like them both and this article is about getting hits.