When will Nintendo wake up to the Wii U issues?

To say that the Nintendo Wii U sales have been sluggish would be an understatement. The Wii U is way behind on sales compared to the original Wii, and it’s even trailing the GameCube, which many considered a failure in terms of sales and market penetration.

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Root2036d ago

When Nintendo fans do

ChickeyCantor2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Nintendo fans are actually frustrated that Nintendo is so secretive about every damn detail. Can you imagine the anticipation they have for the next Nintendo hit?

Nintendo fans have already expressed their complaints. There is simply no use badgering everyone on N4G bout it like you do.

Nintendo is unfortunately just being Nintendo deeply rooted in doing their own sh/zzle ( with some traditional japanese infrastructures in their business model ). Nonetheless they do make good games.

As for third party games, well yeah...If publishers complain about Nintendo owners not buying games. Maybe they should publish some first before complaining about it. Oh and no cheap port.

classic2002035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Am I only read those comment on the site, Wiiu fanboys are pretty entertaining when in one place lol.

guitarded772035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

@ sidar

No, they are not. Go on Miiverse and you'll see there is still a majority who still drink the Kool-Aid. Anytime someone voices an honest criticism, they are marked as a troll for questioning, or wanting more from Nintendo. Sure, there are some that are reasonable people, but I am finding that they are still in the minority.

You are right about Nintendo being way to closed to the public. They censor Miiverse and their Facebook page from not only constructive critical comments and posts, but from people asking questions. Nintendo doesn't provide an official forum or blog to get user input, so people turn to Miiverse and/or social media just to have their comments/posts removed, because Nintendo wants 100% control in any damage control.

So, you are right that Nintendo needs to be open with the public, and Root is right that Nintendo fans need to stop being religious zealots, and push Nintendo to achieve it's full potential so gamers will benefit.

N4g_null2034d ago

Nintendo fans operate like real gamers. They buy or refuse to buy. If you want a company to listen then speak with your wallet.

Unfortunately the people who complain do not complain about things that matter like making new ips. A classic example of this is the wii mariokart problem. The media and so called fans hated yet it sold 20 million. The gamers hated it so much Sony made a kart racing game with every thing "they" wanted and it bombed.

What do this tell nintendo.... The media and many fans have no idea what ip or gaming means any more.

People calling themselves fans are simply that most of the time calling themselves some thing. Real fans speak with their wallets.

Also there is such a thing as constructive critism. Many fans are simply being negative and will not buy what they are claiming they want.

chadboban2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Seeing that this is written by a what is pretty much a Wii U fansite, don't you think that it's already happened? Folks aren't ignorant about this. The only people that act like there's absolutely nothing wrong right now are extreme fanboys. I consider myself a Nintendo fan, also a Sony fan and despite how much I may like them, I'm fully aware of their faults and won't just go about ignoring it. At the same time though I'm not someone who's gonna shout DOOOOOOM at the first sign of trouble. I believe there is a point that has to be reached before we get into full panic mode and I don't think we've reached that point as yet.

For me, two things need to happen to get me EXTREMELY worried about Nintendo.

1. E3 comes and their press conference disappoints, along with them refusing to lower the price.

2. PS4 and Xbox 720 release at a competitive price to the Wii U and Nintendo doesn't drop the price by then.

If those two things happen I'll be very very concerned about Nintendo and their future. Until then, I'll just wait and see, many console launches have thought me not to count a system out just because it had a rough launch.

Root2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

One Nintendo fan site dosen't speak for every other Nintendo themed website out there

Lets not forget there is a lot of users on the internet on differnt sites like this one who refuse to believe it

Look at Wiiumad...he got so frustrated he made an article saying "N4G is S***" just because he couldn't take the truth.

I mean look at ONM for example, a massive Nintendo themed website and trust me anything negative about Nintendo they spin it into something good. For example remember when Nintendo slashed the 3DS price because of the PSV price, they made it out that Nintendo were rewarding it's fans but you saw nothing of the backlash from loyal fans over how they paid full price for it only for the price to come down.

Gr812035d ago

Root. What you are describing is the same behavior others show towards their company of choice. This is no more exclusive to Nintendo fans than it is for Sony or M$ fans.

I've seen many a person dismiss dismal Vita sales on this site no matter what the reality of the situation. I've seen Nintendo fans do the same thing in regards to Wii U.

Just don't act like this is exclusive to Nintendo fans. That's not fair, and not true.

chadboban2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )


So what Root, are you not gonna be satisfied until every single Nintendo fanboy on the planet says that Nintendo is in trouble? Your logic applies every single fanbase out there, not just Nintendo fanboys.

Using the Official Nintendo Magazine website and Wiiumad as an example. Really dude? Find me a negative Vita or PS3 article on the Official Playstation Magazine website. There may be one or two but you'd be very hard pressed to find them. And I can point out just as many PS and MS extremists on this site. Perhaps they didn't go to the lengths that Wiiumad did but they are here as well as all over the internet, and they are very defensive about their systems as well.

I agree that Nintendo is not doing well with the Wii U right now and people shouldn't act like everything is alright. But at the same time, you can't simply always single out Nintendo fans as being the only extreme defenders of their console of choice. Every system has it's fanatics and the chance of them ever admitting that the company they love and support is in trouble is very low.

BullyMangler2035d ago

how does this article title make any sense . . its like saying, When will nintendo realise that it has YET to release wiiU's REAL gameplay changing games? oxi??

LOL_WUT2035d ago

Well said Root + 1

Spot on! ;)

kreate2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

@to whoever, I dont care

I dont understand why ppl expect anything from nintendo.

Its disappointing cuz u expect too much. I dont really think Nintendo did anything for me in the last 7 years or so. There was only like 2 games on wii that I really wanted to play but cuz I was too busy w life plus ps3/360, I skipped.

Who cares about nintendo. If u really care, than im just gonna assume ur a casual gamer waiting for the next mario. If not, im gonna assume ur a investor or partnered w nintendo in some way.

Other than that, lets move onto the next generation of consoles with the ps4durango.

Nintendo can keep playing their casual games.

*didnt someone say sales dont matter?
**if u dont expect anything, there's nothing disappointing about Nintendo or their sales
*** its too early to be disappointed by a 5 month old console, give it til this christmas, at least

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Bumpmapping2036d ago

E3 right around the corner I will wait to see if they have woken up from there arrogance.We all knew they wouldn't luck out again with another gimmicky controller I'm sure there horrible sales has gotten them worried considering PS4/New Xbox will out this year.Also there marketing on the Wii U is terrible they have to act fast before it's too late not many people are probably even aware it even exist never mind the stupid confusing name for it.

chadboban2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

I don't get it. What do people want them to do? Rush out all they're currently in development games in an unfinished state? Come out and say "Yeah it's not doing as well as we thought it would" which they pretty much already said when they lowered their sales forecast for the system? People are fully aware that the system isn't doing well. Some people are also not even aware that it's a brand new system (some people think it's an add on)

Here's some things I think they can do though.

*Improve your marketing for crying out loud.

It's pretty clear that the giant colored cubes with people inside and dubstep in the background isn't wooing anyone towards a Wii U. Change your approach.

*Show more of your upcoming games to get folks excited.

I think I've probably seen a grand total of five to probably about ten minutes of Pikmin 3 footage that was direct feed (off screen E3 footage doesn't count) and The Wonderful 101 which is one of my most anticipated games this year was completely left of of Nintendo's E3 press conference and was only unveiled afterwards. That is NOT how you treat a new IP if you want people to know about it. Sure you're showing it during Nintendo Directs now but E3 was one of the biggest stages you could've had to promote that thing and seeing as it may release before the next E3, it doesn't have that chance again. Show that you care about your games and give each of them the promotion they deserve.

*Give us release dates dammit.

Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 were supposed to be launch titles but are constantly getting pushed back and now we have no idea when they will be coming out. Now I have no problem with a game being delayed to allow developers to further improve on their game, but constantly teasing gamers and telling them that a game is right around the corner only to keep pushing it back is leaving a sour taste in the mouths of the folks who wanted those games. Just be straight up and say, Pikmin is coming out (insert date here) and The Wonderful 101 is coming out (insert date here).

*Encourage developers to stop making year old ports for your system.

Most people who wanted those games already have them and won't see the value in getting another copy for a new system with just a couple of extra features. Instead encourage companies to either create original games for the Wii U or release their future games simultaneously with your console and the others. Old ports don't sell systems (at least not a lot of them), end of story.

*Cut the price

Nothing else to say here. Cut the price, let the sales increase and deal with your loses until the thing becomes profitable again.

*Blow us away at E3

This is a no brainer. Show us everything you have at E3, don't be shy about it.
Show us that new 3D Mario.
Make us fall in love with Wind Waker all over again.
Show us more of that incredible looking Monolith game (don't pull a Xenoblade and act like it doesn't exist until fans clamor for it).
Get us excited about Mario Kart and give it the HD overhaul that franchise deserves.
Show us that that Yoshi Yarn game is actually different from Kirby.
Show us why Bayonetta 2 is better with Wii U.
Give us a reason to believe Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei can be like peanut butter and chocolate.
Give us a Smash Bros reveal that rivals and perhaps even surpases the Brawl reveal.
And put our speculation to rest and FINALLY show us what Retro is working on.
Show unannounced games.
Make people want a Wii U, make them crave one. A price cut combined with the E3 showing I've just described will do just that.

chadboban2036d ago

Woah, I think that's the longest comment I've ever written. Maybe I should start a blog. lol.

PopRocks3592035d ago

Wow, you summed up my thoughts and took the words right out of my mouth to a tee. And yes. Perhaps you should write a blog.

RTheRebel2035d ago

Nicely Said
Hope they have alot of games to announce at E3 Nintendo really needs to blow our minds away.

MultiConsoleGamer2035d ago

Yawn, more doom and gloom.

More armchair analysts who think they know more than the people running Nintendo. If that's the case why aren't you running your own company? Or better yet, why aren't you running Nintendo?

classic2002035d ago

LOL but this is a wiiu site saying doom and gloom, not everyday you see such a site.

kirbyu2035d ago

Are the sales bad everywhere, or is it doing good in Japan?

I bet the only reason there's no demand right now is because everyone who wanted one foe Christmas, got one for Christmas.

And still, why are we predicting the Wii U will always be a failure because it is right now? It's a good prediction, but we still don't know what'll happen. Nintendo might announce a game everyone wants, the price might go down, and some one might go back in time and convince Sony and Microsoft to never make consoles. There's no way to know, except that third thing. Saying the Wii U won't ever be successful because it isn't at the moment would be like saying will always have African American presidents because we have one now.

classic2002035d ago

Sales are bad everywhere, it and the VITA were awful in japan but sony VITA drop price and release more games and now selling more than everything atleast fr 1 week while the wiiu is stuck in sleeping mode.

TechnicianTed2035d ago

Difference is - the Vita has been out for over a year, the Wii U has been out for far less time.

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