John Riccitiello’s legacy: EA survives, but its hit points are dangerously low

GamesBeat's analysis of John Riccitiello's tenure at EA

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Sadie21002010d ago

Wow...that's a lot of info on JR!

davidfca2010d ago

End of an era. He was bossing EA back when I still had a job in the industry, which is saying something.

I will not, at least, miss having to double-check the spelling of "Riccitiello" every time I type it.

Derekvinyard132010d ago

Did you think he was a good guy

deantak2009d ago

a tough question. he was tough. but he had many friends and supporters.

davidfca2009d ago

Whether he was a good guy isn't really relevant to the discussion, I don't think. His job wasn't to be everybody's best pal. He ran the company pretty well in his original tenure, and Elevation Partners ultimately hit the jackpot with the Bioware deal.

I think a good question to ask about these latter days is, how well could anybody have done trying to steer a gigantic old-style game publisher through the last four years? We're at a point where you seriously have to ask whether a company like Electronic Arts can survive without turning itself into something completely different.

Derekvinyard132009d ago

So he was just doing his job kinda tough right

darkronin2292010d ago

I never had to write down his name all that much but every time I hear "Riccitello," I think of those Ricola cough drop commercials.

OhMyGandhi2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )


stuna12010d ago

One more hit and we'll be talking about flawless victory.

kreate2009d ago

Kreate casts curaga on EA