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TG writes: Gaming headsets vary in style, features and value, and range from dirt cheap upwards to the arm+leg price range.

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TerminalGamer1893d ago

Really enjoying these. Very comfy.

ftwrthtx1893d ago

Pricey but you get what you pay for.

4lc4pon31893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

my samson sr850's are better. all these so called gaming headsets are a gimmick and way to expensive for the quality.

MooseWI1893d ago

Everyone always has their budget headphones that are better than the pricey headphones. If some audiophiles got in this article all hell would break loose.

ftwrthtx1893d ago

Aren't those just headphones? The A40's can be just headphones, but also have a removable mic.

To each his own, but you get what you pay for.

Utalkin2me1893d ago


Obviously you have never held, touched or listened to astro a40's. You wouldn't be making that comment if so.

ftwrthtx1893d ago

The 7.1 surround sound is frickin awesome on the A40's.

4lc4pon31893d ago

actually i have and for the price they are not that impressive. Way over priced for what they are. The world is clueless on audiophile equipment I just find it funny that people spend this kind of money on an inferior product when you can get way better headsets for the money.


7.1 is a gimmick I find it laughable that you really believe that your hearing 7.1 in a headset.

ftwrthtx1893d ago

The 7.1 gimmick sure sounds better than the 5.1 gimmick.

Utalkin2me1892d ago

Then by all means school me on quality audio. What sennheiser? I have a denon 4311 avr with B&W speakers for my theater room with 2 svs subs. But you're going to school me in audio.

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Septic1893d ago

What would you recommend for gaming with a Mic? Genuine question. I have Turtle Beach X31's and they're quite flimsy.

They have to be wireless and have a Mic.

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