Tales of Xillia English Videos Show Jude And Milla In Battle

Siliconera: "Namco Bandai have shared two English-language videos of Tales of Xillia, showing off battles featuring Jude and Milla."

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AsimLeonheart2097d ago

Me too! Man, when is this game coming?? The wait is becoming agonizing! What is taking them so long to localize the game?? Release it already Namco!

ceedubya92097d ago

I have a feeling that by the time this game is released, the next gen consoles will be out. Gonna have to make room for this one despite all of that.

belac092097d ago

i need this....NOW!!!!

Lucreto2097d ago

I am looking forward to this

Myst-Vearn2097d ago

I want to buy two copies just to support Tales games in the west we need ALL tales games to be localized!

Inception2097d ago

Yeah, i bought 2 copies of Graces f. One is the regular edition and second is the special EU edition. Looks like i'm gonna do the same thing for Xillia ^^

Skips2097d ago


REALLY REALLY hope Xillia 2 gets localized as well!

Magnus2097d ago

This game looks great can't wait to get my hands on it.

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