EA Up For Worst Company Award…Again

GI;Last year, Electronic Arts won the Consumerist's award for worst company in America, as voted on by readers of the site. Will the publisher take home the award two years in a row?

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ShugaCane1828d ago

Too bad those polls won't change anything. Actually, I think EA might be able to retaliate with even more DRM and micro-transactions and DLCs. And guess what ? They are going to make sooo much money.

knowyourstuff1827d ago

When you dilute and destroy a perfectly good franchise like Dead Space that had such a great following, you deserve everything you get after that.

Derekvinyard131827d ago

i wonder if they will respond to this is they win again

Godmars2901828d ago

Looks like its time for a name change...

RTheRebel1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I hope EA go bankrupt.

nukeitall1827d ago

As much as I dislike EA's consumer hostile business practices, I do not wish them bankruptcy. They do produce some stuff I like, and I would rather have the option of ignoring them than nothing at all!

KillNr3load141827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

To say EA is worst then Comcast,Verizon,and At&t is just wrong.

Irishguy951827d ago

Yeah EA said that the last time they got voted. Showing what a joke the poll is.

mistertwoturbo1827d ago

Well that's the thing, EA is probably more hated because they actually do have some good properties that people like. It's just their business decisions ruin the properties and in turn the passionate people backlash over it.

Strange company.

pompombrum1827d ago

Maybe so but everyone who is against online drm now has an additional way of voting instead of just with your wallets.

coolbeans1827d ago

Not to mention the banks included in the bracket.

rainslacker1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Last year they were up against financial institutions that helped destroy the economy, put millions of people out of work, and caused hundreds of thousands to lose their homes due to their poor lending practices. It was wrong last year, and it is wrong this year. They shouldn't even be on the list with the real choices that are out there.

Last year they "won" because they were coming off the hotly debated ME3 ending debate. Show's where people priorities are IMO.

If this poll were for worst game publisher, then yeah, no problem. But EA is far from the worst company in America.

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SolidSystem1827d ago

I dont understand how EA is the worst.
They don't always do things I like, but at the start of this generation they were "heros" with games like Mirrors edge....

now Time Warner Cable is a horrible company.

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The story is too old to be commented.