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Beyond: Two Souls - A lot has changed since E3 reveal, exciting News is coming

David Cage from Quantic Dream has revealed that a lot in Beyond: Two Souls has changed since E3 reveal last year. Very exciting news is coming. (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3)

Credit url: playfront.de
Galacticos  +   982d ago
PS4 version.
rezzah  +   982d ago
Hope it is true.

If any game I plan to get on the PS3 is also on the PS4, then i'm getting the PS4 versions.
rezzah  +   982d ago
Was looking through my email and found some new information about the game.

The actor who played Green Goblin from Spider Man is a character in the game.

He plays a scientist who helps Ellen learn about her powers.
r21  +   982d ago
Rezzah, that's been confirmed quite a while ago. Here's some footage of Willem Dafoe: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
ps3vita4life  +   982d ago
Consider me excited!! Although we haven't seen much of Beyond, the things I've seen so far look great! Can't wait to see more.
Bathyj  +   982d ago
Hmm, doubt it. I think its more game play related.

Still, id be on board if it was.
andibandit  +   982d ago
A news article about incomming news..........
spirited  +   982d ago
1080p, 60fps ...PS4
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Detoxx  +   982d ago
No matter how much I'd love to see that, I really doubt it. Killzone Shadowfall = 1080P, 30FPS and Battlefield 4 = 720P, 60 FPS
thebigman  +   982d ago
Didn't the BF4 rumor turn out to be fake?

Edit: Regardless, I don't see how a ported PS3 game would run at less than 1080p60
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Tei777  +   982d ago
Those are game which are built for the PS4 from the ground up and will be far more demanding.

Beyond on ps4 will be equivalent to a HD remastered title for current gen systems. Many of the art assets are still going to be of PS3 quality, they are not going to rebuild the majority of them to take advantage of the PS4's power. Instead they'll use the additional power for higher FPS, Resolution, Anti aliasing, cleaner depth of field, better lighting.
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DeadlyFire  +   982d ago
We can't expect 1080@60 fps with only one year of development time with dev kits.

In the future it is likely to happen, but we must wait for it. I suspect PS4 is capable of 1080@60 fps on all current gen game engines. Engines that push graphics and physics to the max on the other hand. We could see less fps. Although they havn't had much time to really optimize the new gen engines to squeeze in more fps.

When an engine runs at 100% only then can you start creating tricks to make your game look better and run faster on the same game engine. Has noone been paying attention to Activision's strategy with Call of Duty?
Shuyin  +   982d ago
Guys don't get your hopes up. Games like TLoU and Beyond won't come to PS4. They're system sellers and will support the PS3 even after the launch of the PS4. Remember Sony aim to still sell a proper amount of hardware even if they mainly support the PS4. Same case with PS2 and 3 back then. Not leaving those games exclusively to the PS3 would be financial suicide, imo.
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rezzah  +   982d ago
I agree. I think multiplatform games benefit the most from releasing games on both gen consoles. These publishers only have to worry about selling the most games they can. While publishers like Sony have to worry about others things than just selling games, you've already stated the reasons well.
hesido  +   982d ago
TLoU will certainly be PS3 only, but I'm not sure about Beyond TS. I don't think it will affect PS3 as bad as it would benefit the PS4 if Beyond was MultiPSform. Just made that word up. I'm that good.

Kidding aside, having a beefed up Beyond Two Souls on PS4 may help show off the PS4's capabilities in the movie-esque game department, and fans of Heavy Rain who already own a PS3 may want to buy PS4 because of this. Since there won't be many games at launch for PS4, it would be good to have such a title in the first year of PS4.
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Tei777  +   982d ago
They will remain system seller for the ps3. They would still be games you need a sony platform to get, those on a smaller budget will get ps3+the above games. But the vats majority of people interested in these games already have a ps3, and so by keeping them exclusive sony are only holding back ps4 sales. PS3 owners are far more likely to upgrade to ps4 if they can play these AAA titles on it.

Its a Win Win for sony, no financial risk involved. Either way they are selling hardware, the ps3 isn't devalued just because its title are als available on ps4, at the point the system is for the extremely late adopters, who by their nature, will not see the ps4 as a viable purchase.

I highly doubt TLOU is coming to ps4 though.
hesido  +   982d ago
Quite similar to what I said, but better put. They'd rather sell PS4's than PS3's, and they need to get PS3 users on board first and foremost.
Shuyin  +   981d ago
You have a good point there, my friend. ;)
DeadlyFire  +   982d ago
They likely could be on PS4 as ports. Its in the air really. Noone really knows.

If they did port them to PS4 they would take a small financial hit with dev costs. Its up to Sony on if they think it will be worth doing.

Cage has already teased us with an animation of their game engine running on the PS4. They have the tools if they wanted to put it out there. Considering Beyond launching in late 2013. I say its possible dual platform PS3/PS4 title.

What I would really like to see is Cross play between PS3 players and PS4 players online. Possibly Vita as well.

PS3 will sell regardless. Just as the PS2 did when PS3 launched. As long as Sony and developers support both platforms then its win/win. No real drawbacks to it as long as it sells.

Not sure about Last of Us though. Its launching early, but also later than most games. Oddly right after E3 ends. There must be a reason for right after E3 launch. I just can't figure it out just yet.
abzdine  +   982d ago
if it's for a PS4 release i hope it will not release in the crowded period cause Sony release all their exclusives in such a short period and it harms the sales.

We are seeing the same case with God of War and Sly! -_-
Minato-Namikaze  +   982d ago
What are Accessions numbers?
abzdine  +   982d ago
they are probably good cause GOW is a huge licence but it could (and it will) hurt Sly sales.

So if Beyond is a PS4 game, i hope they delay the release a little bit cause Infamous and Killzone are already gonna release the same day
Minato-Namikaze  +   982d ago
Sly had a 8 week window, i think it will be ok. (i bought both BTW). I dont think they were expecting it to sell 4 mil or anything. Sony games usually have long legs.
RevXM  +   982d ago
Ooh cant wait.
I dont think there will be a ps4 version of beyond.
It just wouldnt look great compared to what qd showed us in febuary,
They have a new engine and a new way to show facial emotion. Raw old motion cap just doesnt provide enough detail in the facial area.

I think its more likely for nd to make Ps4 version of tlou, but Im expecting neither to happen.
Both wille be awesome games nonetheless and my expectations for tlou are through the roof!
deadfrag  +   982d ago
If they end up making versions of Tlou and Beyond and release them in the PS3 and PS4 sony will have to lower the price of the PS3 version from a bussiness point,thats the reason this games are going to come just for the PS3 at the normal release price that way Sony will capitalize more in the sales because even if i have a PS4 i will get the game the same and play on my PS3,thats how Sony views the business and thats correct because The big marked share is on the PS3 yet and will be for atleast more 3 years minimum.Some people still dont get that the adopt rate of the PS4 is bound to be in much smaller attach rate that the PS3, Global economy is still in recession many but many people that bought a PS3 on release day are not going to do the same with the PS4,BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE MONEY AND BANKS HAVE CUT CREDIT!
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Williamson  +   982d ago
I remember seeing a 7 min gameplay vid of this game on youtube a couple of months back. It looks great imo and being able to control the ghost like creature looks really fun.

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