Editorial: Marking territory with the Next Box

Mark Purcell has some ideas about how Microsoft can steal back the limelight from Sony with the next generation of consoles.

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acidbrn2069d ago

Most curious to see what the final designs for the Next Xbox and the PS4 take.

alb18992069d ago

I think Microsoft will surprise us showing the console and street date of one or two months after E3.
720 will be in the streets first than SONY because SONY hasn't a finish product yet and I think Microsoft does.

HmongAmerican2069d ago

to bad business doesn't go the way they think.

clintagious6502069d ago

I know ms has been lacking in new ip's for a while but I think what can really give them a good boost is having BC & making xbl free & show off some new ip's for its nextbox, that would definitely bring back the momentum on their side & would make this a tough battle for sony & nintendo.

JeffGUNZ2069d ago

I am really hoping the lack of exclusives in the last 2-3 years is an indication that developers for MS were working on next-gen games. Hopefully I am right, or I am going to be heart broken.