Interview With Andrew Spinks Regarding Future Terraria Updates

In Indie Game HQ’s latest interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew Spinks (also known as Demilogic), the creator of the indie hit Terraria. I’d be surprised if someone came out saying they’d never heard of Terraria, but for those that don’t know, it’s a 2D side-scrolling adventure game.

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Root2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

"At the time, I felt like it was a pretty complete game as it was. I also had intentions of starting development of a new project. Other than that all I can say is that life kinda got in the way!"

No you left because your "friends" left you to make Starbound which looks like what Terraria should of evolved into. Instead of just admiting it to people you used your new born son as an excuse despite working alongside the studio making the console versions.

How can a game feel complete when you made a forum post listing all the things you wanted to add to it that never got made.

From his forum post

"In the long term, we will not just be adding content, but new mechanics as well. Some of the ideas the we have been playing around with are:

Pure PvP servers with team based objectives. Worlds will be generated before every match. Imagine a CTF server where towers are automatically created on either side of the map. Players can fight it out on the surface, or try to tunnel into the other tower.

Adding sloped/inclined tiles to make the world smoother.

New harder world types to continue game progression (Ex: Alien plants, alternate dimensions, evil worlds, etc.)

Enemy factions that will move into your world, and build their own city. You can slaughter them while they are weak, or let them build up their strength to get better rewards.

More events: Volcanoes, earthquakes, more/improved invasions, etc..

Weather: Seasons, snow, floods, etc..

Farming, and stamina system that gives a bonus to player stats.

Mechanics for making traps and devices.

Terraria has endless possibilities, and there is still a lot more that we want to do with it. In the meantime, please be patient while we get the last few kinks worked out."

I don't know why he didn't just say

"Oh right guys, I want to take a break from Terraria because of family issues, I'll be back though, Terraria won't be left for dead"

Seems he's crawling back because he wants more money, if he just said something like that from above then he wouldn't of got so many people to hate him

1886afc2067d ago

I didn't even know starbound existed before I read your comment. I must thank you, because after seeing it on youtube it made my day.

GamerToons2067d ago

You are 100% right. People that know the whole deal know it's true. You probably got disagrees by the folks who thought you were just being negative. What you said was pure fact.

I really liked Terraria, but anyone who needs to know what to look forward to, go to

That is the true successor of Terraria and that is where the real creative team went.

Snookies122067d ago

Huh, good to hear he's got that spark back and ready to do some more updates. Does this include the PC version as well though?

JRocSupreme2067d ago

Yes, he is creating the new updates solely for PC. 505 Games is handling the console versions.

Snookies122067d ago

Oh okay, very interesting. I'm glad to hear that!

Vladplaya2067d ago

Yep, definitely wants more money, see how much he can squeeze out of necro game before Starbound.

kostchtchie_2067d ago

great little game on PC, glad it go put on consoles also for other gamers to enjoy