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Top Ten FPS Multiplayer Maps

Dealspwn: "Unreal Tournament may just be the best multiplayer shooter to have ever existed. And no, we don't say that lightly. Whether storming up the beach in AS-Overlord, performing ludicrous leaps atop DM-Morpheus' 12-miles-high Galaxyscrapers, or delighting in the frenzied action of DM-Deck16 - arguably one of the best deathmatch arenas of all time.

But Unreal Tournament shone brightest in Capture the Flag, and Facing Worlds provided the perfect map for team-based, objective-oriented action..." (PC, PS3, Retro, Xbox, Xbox 360)

Snookies12  +   531d ago
UT2K4... That is all that needs to be said.
Blues Cowboy  +   531d ago
Erm, is it? UT2K4 was good, but for my money, it's UT99 all day long.

Really enjoyed Calypso Casino in R6 Vegas, glad that gets a shout.
CalvinKlein  +   530d ago
I remember that map in the picture from the first Unreal tournament, I loved that map with the sniper rifles and the tower with low gravity.

My favorite map was the one with the two bases and the lava in the milddle tho.
3-4-5  +   529d ago
The Stack
Sizzon  +   531d ago
Great list, but I would have listed de_dust 2 instead of the original for CS and 2fort for Team Fortress 2 instead of Gold Rush.

Facing Worlds ...omg... back in the day when you had cheats with unlimited ammo and could fly and you had bots on your team and bots on the enemy team duking it out.

Great times :)
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Arai  +   530d ago
I agree with you on the de_dust2 part, as it's the most played map on CS in general.
SKUD  +   530d ago
INDAR. The Crown.
Blues Cowboy  +   530d ago
Heh, that's a good call. You're always guaranteed some insane ground pounding when you drop into the Crown. With an MCG. :P
Bakkies  +   530d ago
Awesome list, so much fond memories. Like endless bot sniping on Facing Worlds, buggy races on Blood Gulch, cranking away sentries on Gold Rush and getting railgunned to bits on The Longest Yard. Pretty sentimental...
segamon  +   530d ago
great list indeed. Facing Worlds is a timeless map, about the only map in almost any game that doesn't take you time to remember, it's carved in the back of your head.

Unreal Tournament IV, make it happen Epic.
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mayberry  +   530d ago
Aside from radec academy, which was the most played map on the epic Killzone 2 multi-player, Beach Head was BOSS! I heard it was modled loosly after the Normandy beach. I loved the constantly torrential downpour rain and wind that effected your grenade tosses! The high sniper lookouts, the off center tunnel and just the overall atmosphere was spectacular! IMHO.
Detoxx  +   530d ago
Wake Island, the map has been in alot of Battlefield games and it's really good.
FuzzyPixels  +   530d ago
Though I'd been a fan of Doom and Quake, Unreal Tournament was the game that really solidified my love of the PC FPS and Facing Worlds was the level that I kept coming back to time and time again. It's so perfectly designed in both balance, purpose, and execution. And segamon makes a good point - you think 'Facing Worlds' and you can instantly see it in it entirety.
Muffins1223  +   530d ago
Every halo 2 and halo 3 map :D
SatanSki  +   530d ago
I loved original UT. Onde day i was owning eveyone, even talking some funny things untill i realised i was plying with all bots. I had a good laugh ;-)
pandehz  +   530d ago
Morpheus UT 99
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