EA banning SimCity accounts for talking to Amazon

"EA Disabling User Accounts Because It Thinks Any Contact With Amazon Must Be A Refund Request"

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KrisButtar1830d ago

Wow I feel for those thousands of people, wonder if it has anything to due with Amazon pulling simcity off their site, is it back on their site? Perhaps there could be a lawsuit in the works against EA? Wouldn't that be some great news!

scotchmouth1830d ago

Just when you think EA cant get more petty and small...

Hydrolex1830d ago

One of these days, there will be a lawyer that will see an opportunity in suing EA... and a HUGE CROWD behind his back supporting him

I smell it, one of these days

subtenko1830d ago

*goes to law school*

I dont buy from EA ever since I heard they shutdown their online servers for games like fifa. PS2 still has games online so yea....

CalvinKlein1830d ago

haaha EA is a bunch of blowjobs.

Number-Nine1830d ago

i really hope ea burns asunder.

their business practices are down right odious.

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Blank1830d ago

Wow EA coming full force to defend its title of "worst company of america"

Grap1830d ago

i guess they already wrote a speech.

cleft51830d ago

Wow and the shit storm continues. EA is such a bunch of idiots.

Rattlehead201830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

What a vile company EA is.

Can't handle the heat when the shit (rightly) hits the fan.

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The story is too old to be commented.