Jump Magazine Reveals Final Fantasy X-2 as Separate on Vita

A leak from Jump Magazine seems to have confirmed the fact that Final Fantasy X-2 will be making its way to the Vita as a standalone game.

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Snookies122039d ago

Huh.... I'd probably buy it. I HATED the dialogue on that game, but it had a decent story and great gameplay.

MHenderson2039d ago

Not sure I can necessarily say I liked the story, but the game play was tops, it's a shame they haven't given that more chances on other releases for the series. I guess FFXIII's was similar, but...

Well, at least this'll probably look really good on the Vita.

Snookies122039d ago

Well I mean the premise of the story was really great. Her seeing Tidus again, and trying to find out why he's still there. It's just that the execution of it all didn't go as well as it could have.

Root2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

I liked it

The Sphere system is better anything from FF13 or FF13-2...and most likely Lightning Returns.

Outside_ofthe_Box2039d ago

I'd rather have FFXII as separate on the Vita though. I'm just glad that SE isn't trying to gimp us like they did with the KH 1.5 and 2.5 hd mixes.

SandWitch2039d ago

VITA version might be cheaper then. For example initial price of MGS HD Collection (VITA) was only 20 GBP compared to 40 GBP for console release

MHenderson2039d ago

True, but Square Enix also put out Final Fantasy III and IV on iOS for like $16 USD apiece.

Nitrowolf22039d ago

SE Typically sells their handheld titles at a premium price no?

noxeven2039d ago

Maybe we will get cross buy. Buy the ps3 one get it for vita

strangelove2039d ago

Its cool that we're getting a Vita version as well, but they're kind of gimping it by not having it bundled with the first game.

yewles12039d ago

It's because manufacturing costs haven't gone down enough for Sony to bring in bigger game carts...

VitaOwner2039d ago

Im glad we will get X-2 at all. I never even knew they were doing an hd version for that game as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.