Techland contests Deep Silver's Dead Island: Riptide Wii U comments

Dead Island: Riptide developer Techland has contested comments made by Deep Silver last week about its decision not to release the game on Wii U, claiming that the reason to skip Nintendo's console has nothing to do with Chrome Engine's capabilities.

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Neonridr2009d ago

It totally makes more sense that the lack of the title showing up has everything to do with the poor hardware sales at this point. If the system picks up over the year as more AAA Nintendo titles are releasing, then obviously some of these developers may wish to port over their games.

Jadedz2009d ago

They're still using the; ''Nintendo hardware isn't powerful enough to run our games'' excuse?

I'm glad an ''actual developer'' set things straight.

PopRocks3592009d ago

I imagine they believe it's the excuse of which the internet would be most accepting. It's a common belief that the Wii U is just on par with the 360/PS3 when in reality the Wii U just has no marketing and currently is not being purchased by many.

Besides, I have to wonder who in their right mind believes a device that supports Unreal Engine 4 is actually just on par with seven year old hardware that do not support that engine at all.

showtimefolks2008d ago

both sony and ms have had time to make improvements over wiiu specs and atleast what we know ab ps4 we know wiiu isn't on par with next gen systems

but also wiiu is current gen, i believe its stuck in the meddle and that's why it will fail. It launched during gens and now when ps4 and next xbox hits the market wiiu will be a forgotten device which will become last gen

also no one can deny the fact that most 3rd party games don't sell on nintendo home consoles, its not just wii or wiiu its been that way for 20 plus years. wii was once in a lifetime kind of thing where a gimmick caught on and spearheaded huge media attention meaning huge sales

I hope with bigger titles releasing in 2014 that wiiu will get somewhere but i doubt that. to compete with ms and sony they gonna need 3rd party publishers and 3rd party publishers don't trust nintendo's home consoles

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2008d ago

-There is always that moment in a gaming generation where a lie is propagated into fruition.

If you keep saying games won't sell on WiiU
THEN they won't because they won't ever be on WiiU.

If they keep lying about the WiiU's Power,
THEN no one will buy the Wii U to by games because everyone will think it can't run current game engines.

Not saying Nintendo did everything perfect but crap like this is hurting more.

just-joe2008d ago

So publishers are basically too scared to put it on a system, fearing it won't sell as well. It's all about money.

PopRocks3592008d ago

Well duh. Of course it's about money. It's a business! If the Wii U's current userbase are not picking up games then obviously third parties will be hesitant. No matter how much you may like Nintendo or their current system, you would not want your company to lose a boatload of money for a game that will not be purchased.

Neonridr2008d ago

but we all know that most games only cost about 1 million dollars to port over from PS3/360. If a game costs $50 to purchase new, then a developer needs to only move about 20,000 units in order to make back their money. Right now the install base of the Wii U is a couple of million and will pick up once the 1st party titles start coming..

more laziness on the developers part, but it's easy to hide behind their excuses.