Xbox LIVE Spring Sale begins March 26

An Xbox LIVE Spring Sale will begin on March 26, an Xbox Insider email has revealed.

"Get the very best discounts on Xbox LIVE Arcade games, Games on Demand, Add-ons, Movies and more," states the sale website. "Come back on 26th March to see the amazing discounts!"

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TedCruzsTaint2015d ago

Grabbed some nice deals during the sale a few weeks back. Interested to see what they have on offer this time around.

CommonSenseGamer2015d ago

The sales a few weeks back was incredible! Bring on the next one!

TekoIie2015d ago

Yeh I got so much stuff that I havent had the time for it all when you pile on all the new games that release this month!

EVILDEAD3602014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Last one was out of control. Bring on another one. This is getting crazy.


Jek_Porkins2015d ago

Looking forward to seeing what exactly they have to offer this time around!

I bought around 10 titles over their last sale, which is odd because I don't usually buy digital games. Had to not use Netflix for a week to make up for the bandwidth I used up with the games...