I Think Bringing Epic Mickey 2 To The Vita Is A Terrible Idea

Sony recently revealed its plans to bring Epic Mickey 2 to the PlayStation Vita, yet Gamers Association contributor Ridge Dermody shares his reasons why he isn't too hot on the idea. To all game-hungry Vita owners out there, will you be picking up this port?

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SandWitch1889d ago

I agree, Sony should port some good game instead of this

VitaOwner1889d ago

Wow so Sony can take the helm and port this crap but when Gearbox said it was ok to port Borderlands 2 to the Vita, they didn't get it done. Great job Sony.

izumo_lee1889d ago

I guess the dollar figures or man power wasn't there to port Borderlands 2 to the Vita cause that game is a much bigger project.

Epic Mickey 2 was probably cheaper & easier to do for Sony to see that it is a win/win situation for them. A cheap to publish game for a system that needs more diverse games.

Sure it probably won't do as well but one never knows about these sort of things. It could become a hit for all we know.

VitaOwner1889d ago

That is true, but Epic Mickey definitely doesn't have the kind of popularity and system pushing ability that the Borderlands series would have. It would have taken more work, but I think they could have enjoyed a much larger payoff. I will still give the game a chance when it drops, but I'm just disappointed in Sony for passing up such a good port opportunity.

boybato1889d ago

no doubt this will look even greater on the psvita's screen... though they should have ported a souls game instead considerig the vitas target market.

murkster-dubez1889d ago

Lol Gearbox the Devs accused of fraud.

Th4Freak1889d ago

Don't forget about Irrational Games. Sony could have port Bioshock or Borderlands 2.

profgerbik1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Do people actually think about anything before they just go shitting all over people?

Do you even remember exactly what Randy said? I do, he said even if Sony did talk to them that it would have to be contracted to another development team and that Gearbox would not work on it themselves..

I think that was enough for Sony not to jump in.

Look at this way do we really need another Declassified on our hands? Not to say a Vita version of Borderlands 2 would have been that way but chances are under another development team it would have. It is very rare when a completely different development team makes a previous franchise made by another better.

I mean history is proof enough of that. Knowing Randy made it pretty clear Sony would literally have to do all the work probably wasn't too appealing to them either. I mean if Gearbox really did want it on the Vita, it simply would have been on it.

I think it is complete bullshit for any developer to sit their and expect someone else to hold their hand the entire way. It goes both way and Gearbox should have pursued it more themselves, giving Sony the assurance to invest in the endeavour.

I think Sony made the right decision, seeing as they already took a huge gamble with Activision and that didn't turn out well. Although oddly CoD:D is one of the best selling Vita games but yet it was probably one of the most hated games to come out this year.

I know it wasn't as successful as Sony had thought it would have been no doubt about that, so I can't blame them at all for not wanting to gamble again with some random developer trying to port or even attempt their own version of Borderlands 2.

I wouldn't have. Now if Randy said sure, Sony talks to us and Gearbox will start working on it. I think it would have been a totally different situation but that isn't what happened. He pretty much left it up to everyone else to do what Gearbox should have.

I am sure from Randy's point of view that is great, he gets to cash in on a Vita game that his team doesn't even have to work on and he gets to do nothing in return. Doesn't sound so sweet to Sony or anyone else who would be handing their money to Gearbox and doesn't sound sweet to me either.

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Game0N1889d ago

game hungry? Why do people think vita has no games? Vita launched with a shitload of games, more than the ps3 and xbox 360 combined at launch. Gravity rush and persona 4 golden has got me busy for a while.

CaptainSheep1889d ago

Right on, bro.
There's also Disgaea 3, which'll even be free for PS+ members.
The Vita has great games, there's no shortage, imo.

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Seraphemz1889d ago

My daughter is going to love this... I dont care for it. But at least she will have something to play on my Vita now and stop messing up my games...

dragonyght1889d ago

ppl always seam to forget not every game have to be for core gamers. a diversity library for the vita is a good thing

rainslacker1888d ago

While I agree, Epic Mickey 2 didn't exactly light the sales charts on fire. I think it was less then 300K sold in 3 months.

It is Mickey though, and if they take the time to actually utilize some of the Vita's hardware it could be decent. I got the Wii U version, and they didn't take advantage of the Wii U's capabilities.

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