Experienced Points: Where EA Went Wrong

"NOTE: This column was completed several days before the announcement that EA CEO John Riccitiello has stepped down from his position. But this kind of served to make this column more timely than ever. While I don't really mention Riccitiello below, you can read this as a list of mistakes that led to his resignation."

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Ulf1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

I disagree with a lot of this article.

The reasons EA is struggling are mostly due to the economy, and after that, due to experiments gone wrong on platforms like new IPs, the Wii, and mobile devices. If they had "pulled an Activision", and shirked new IP to support their strong ones, they probably would be faring better.

Riccitiello was criticized, in fact, for this very thing. Great new IPs like Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, and Brutal Legend had his support, and those are some of the mistakes that hurt EA at the worst possible time -- around when the economy also started to tank. Later IPs, like the Star Wars MMO, were desperate attempts to "fix" these early errors -- but you can't simply remake WoW. WoW was also made for *very* little money -- it had a whopping 12 engineers, which is smaller than most console dev teams. Blizzard had no idea it would be so ridiculously successful, and in their blissful ignorance of the future, they didn't waste money on the 350+ people Bioware devoted to the project.

The ironic part is that gamers are CoD/WoW/Diablo sheep, and although they'd probably be happier with new IPs, they're just too dumb to take the leap and help make those concepts successful. The gaming "elite" complain about it, here on forums like N4G, but the truth is that they are the minority, and their opinion is actually the one that *doesn't* matter. Riccitiello paid too much attention to them, trying to make a big splash and impress the stockholders, and not enough to proven sheep-sales track records.

Sad, but true.